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Opening Weekend


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Happy Father’s Day to all our dads out there! Sorry for the late post but as the saying goes....... On the east end the bays still have some fish. Walleyes are here and there if you want to focus a fair amount of time into them. Bass seem to be just about everywhere in the bays. Pike and pickerel fishing the weeds is still good. Alewife still have a strong presence in the bays and all species are full of them. IMG_7711.JPGIMG_7710.JPGIMG_7709.JPGIMG_7708.JPG64592779136__10F49453-1AF4-4030-A617-0E523BA1507D.JPG64592682761__845275C6-1A57-41E3-8A54-0B4D24C5ADD5.JPG64592532722__D81B7740-FCEB-4F36-ADF4-01689BD59DAE.JPGIMG_7702.JPG



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