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First trip to Chaumont Bay & Lake O

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We're heading to Chaumont Bay next week as a replacement for our annual trip to Canada, cancelled due to the border being closed. Our first time in the area. We'll be trying to find some walleye, pike, lakers, salmon, ...  We'll probably spend most of our time in the Bay, but will try to venture out onto the main part of the lake a time or two. 


I'm looking for tips & techniques to help us manufacture some luck. We have some experience trolling with downriggers - pulled a couple of salmon out of Lake George recently. 


Any tips would be appreciated.


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Lakers and salmon are not in the bays right now. They are out in the lake proper. Past the big islands. Pike,pickerel and bass can be found in the bays right now just about everywhere. The walleyes?  Good luck. They are here, but very scattered and tough to target unless you put one helluva lotta time in. 

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