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Very late start but got out for an hour before the rain today. Temp break was high at 30-35' down. NE of I-Bay 45 over 210 landed a nice 18 lb king on a NK glow frog spoon.  One and done.22317.thumb.jpeg.65dff32cb79bacaa940dc7f860c174ac.jpeg

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I'm starting to suspect my small Rapala digital scale is reading low. It has a 25 lb max and the last few 15 and 18 lb kings I have caught fought and felt every bit as heavy as previous 20 lbers. I checked it with the DR weights and it read accurately with them, but above 10 lb not sure. I have a new Rapala fish grip with 50 lb digital scale on order and I'll see how that goes. I expect future catches to weigh more. How's that sound for a fisherman's line of reasoning?

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