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St Croix for sale

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Looking to sell this rod. Great rod, just don’t get much use out of it. It has been my back up pier/daytime spinner/spoon rod. I have caught some nice salmon and trout on it. The rod is in great shape. Paid 190.00, asking 170 or best offer. I take good care of my gear, and the rod is worth every penny.
Reel not included.
9’ Wild River
Medium power
Fast action IMG_9581.thumb.JPG.c85612915f19796a90fa2c16fe8659a0.JPGIMG_9583.thumb.JPG.bd1046f0dee3d26945f9c470a5c6f80b.JPGIMG_9584.thumb.JPG.1c8cf9d6c75c8dc2355ce5da32861536.JPGIMG_8788_Original.thumb.JPG.bea4d1b628ffa25bf7156737e00654b0.JPGIMG_1665.thumb.JPG.a07e3ecb406bf133d6f25c22dda45157.JPGIMG_1647.thumb.JPG.8c6447076ce30e54868b93abdeb497e6.JPGIMG_1143.thumb.JPG.dcef9fc7d6bfc10979c840dc31ac1a51.JPGIMG_0958.thumb.JPG.ab0bb6d5a177f6fd3f8d3a769c38dc8b.JPGIMG_1057.thumb.JPG.e374d01a3d62b551f1187e38cd5fac75.JPGIMG_8732_Original.thumb.JPG.a0a5a06024b55645b35fa3490d6bd381.JPGIMG_8540_Original.thumb.JPG.c5ffd6b8262d42c8f4d1b51ea7a07e22.JPGIMG_6300.thumb.JPG.9d4f8405f304419a6bea0ec361c8b6ba.JPGIMG_5906.thumb.JPG.47f101cbb85705ce1bce065e40edce14.JPGIMG_2960.thumb.JPG.f4e7783ae62058d51ffe63edc93cbf8c.JPG
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