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Late muzzleloader

Kevin J Legg

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Since I had filled both muzzleloader tags with a buck and a doe in the early season I thought I was through for the year. I discovered today I can use my unused regular season tag for a buck or doe and 2 DMP tags and 2 of my wife’s in the late muzzleloader season in 6g (confirmed with DEC) which gives me another week to hunt and more tags than I’d ever use. Not sure I would shoot anything as I passed up many during the regular season but at least I can get out if I want.

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This is the time to start to cull some of the does off these properties... The buck to doe ratios in certain areas is absolutely ridiculous and since there is not a huge take in season, that usually results in a rather large winter kill when we have deeper snowpacks... If there was ever a time to finish filling the freezer for others (friends, neighbors, land owners and don't forget food pantries), this is it...



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