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for sale : usa Brand New Navionics+ East Region map card

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Navionics + East Region map card. Brand new and has the most up to date mapping for Navigation, Sonar charts and Community Edits (just upgraded yesterday) comes with I free year of upgrades. Covers Lake Ontario, Finger lakes and beyond.


Selling because not compatible with my unit. $125 takes it. You would be paying $150 plus tax at the store. Located in Rochester, NY.



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Im not sure which is the model number if there even is one, its not too specific on the box. Its a brand new Nav+ East region card. All you need to know is the model of the unit you want to use it with to see if its compatible. What unit did you have in mind or plan to use it with?

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6 hours ago, Iceman said:

Hearing crickets

I answer tour question but to be more specific : workd in any brand except Garmin and certain older unit that were using card not larger then 2 Gig. Just tell in what you want to use and the crickets will stop. The crickets are on your side.

And if you want to search by yourself this is the official compatibility list from Navionics:


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