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I have used Star Brite for many years on my 25 year old Freedom 40/40 sailboat nonskid deck as well as on my 10 year old 12’ RIB inflatable. Twice per year I power spray the deck with a 3000 PSI power sprayer to get the grime out of the tiny deck crevices, being careful not to get too close and tear the deck, then thru the summer use the deck cleaner with a brush. I spray it on full strength with hand held stray bottle then scrub with brush. In the spring I give the inflatable several treatments, then apply ArmourAll heavily. Both the sailboat and inflatable always look brand new.

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I detail my own boat. It's a 1996 Bayliner Trophy 2002 I picked up recently for 3k. The boat was in horrible condition. I power washed, compounded, and polished the hull. same with the cabin exterior. You can easily do it by hand with a lot of elbow grease. I picked up all my supplies from Walmart and Amazon. I used simple green for the seats and then used spray foam cleaner for the cushions and headliner. Always be carefull not to apply to much force on the headliner. 

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