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for sale : usa WTB StarCraft Fishmaster 196 or 210

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Hi All,

I'm ready to pull the trigger on  a well maintained used fishmaster.  No real budget just looking for a well cared for rig. I've also been pricing new so the point of this post is to see what is available in the used marketplace. I am only interested in a fishmaster 196 or 210. Thanks for your time and looking forward to seeing what is our there! I am serious and ready to move on the right rig, send me a PM If you are looking to sell! 

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The Fishmaster is a good boat; I have a 196-should have gotten the 210.  If you are going to use a kicker, be aware of how the cables are run and the position of the kicker control.  On mine the cables were too long, creating a pinch point when the kicker is trimmed up for travel--and you need to do that a lot.  The cables then flexed at the same point many times and wore through in less than 2 years.  Also, the control was mounted ABOVE the seat and every time the seat turned the arm rests would hit the control;  it should be mounted BELOW the level of the seat.  Other than that, it is a good, deep boat but for the price of a new one I would consider a Hewescraft, sold at Erie Marine in Ohio.

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On 3/22/2022 at 11:05 PM, NymphO said:

I know your set on a fishblaster, but I just saw a beauty of a tyee 1900 listed on FB. 1900 with a 200 and 9.9 honda. 45k.....

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Only thing with  them lunds is the transom is so low not good for big waves my buddy had a starweld with that ****y low back and 3 fters were coming over the back allmost sunk really scary 


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On 4/7/2022 at 6:36 AM, arcatchman said:

Thanks for reaching out, I actually purchased brand new. I pick up next week! 

I have a 2018 I picked up late 2018.   great boat.  I keep getting comments mine looks like new. Take care of it and it will.  An 18' x 24' tarp goes over the top perfectly and breaths really well like that.   I made a set of 2x4 ridge frame beams from bow to high point at the windshield and down to the transom for winter.  Dry and out of the sun when stored is key for these boats.  


Good luck!

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