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Cannon downrigger rod holder questions


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Looking for some insight. I have been running Invader downriggers with the Big Jon butterfly and rod holders on them for years. The butterfly and and rod holders were located on the front of the riggers basically between the motor and the boom pulley. I just bought Cannon Mag 10's and they have plastic rod holders located on the rear of the rigger body up high.


Are there any differences or issues I should be aware of using the Cannon plastic rod holders? The adjustable Cannon butterfly and swivel rod holders look nice and are similar to what I am accustomed to but they put the rods behind the rigger. Is this an issue or an advantage (was not an option with the Invaders) but definitely look like they will take up some room in the boat. I have an 8' beam with a dog house so it gets tight back there.


I am thinking of running the plastic ones for maybe a season to see how I like them instead of jumping right in buying the swivels unless the overwhelming response is that the plastics are junk and just don't cut it and to upgrade now before I lose gear. 


Looking to hear pros cons of the plastics vs the swivel combo. Also things to consider with the rods being located up higher where the plastic rod holders are located vs lower near the base.





Cannon Swivel Rod Holders 2022-03-23 134409.jpg

Cannon Plastic rod holders 2022-03-23 134311.jpg

Big John 2 2022-03-23 140007.jpg

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