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Olcott Mixed Bag (4/12)

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Went 5/5 today after getting skunked yesterday.  Two browns in 22 FOW with one high on a UV Tiger Thunderstick and one 17' down on a 3.0 Mag lip in color grinch.  Two lakers in 55 FOW both on a Moonshine spoon color carbon running within 5' of bottom.  One coho 25' down in 55 FOW on a Maglip 3.5 in color fishmonger.  Speed was 2.0 - 2.3 GPS.  Took me 6 hours with my three lines in just to get these.  To me the fish are scattered, and a note that I got no fish in the 10 - 13 FOW range which I fished for two hours between the two days.  Water is quite clear and I could see bottom in as deep as 17 FOW.  I did talk to two guys yesterday (4/11) who said they got 7 - 8 lakers in 60 FOW running down riggers right on bottom.  They said they got nothing on dipsy's or boards.  I started my deep water run in 60 and got nothing after a significant amount of time.  Great weather today and enjoyed the time out.  All fish cooperated providing solid fights.


Tight Lines

4-12-22 Brown Trout 2.png

4-12-22 Coho Crop.png

4-12-22 Laker 1 Crop.png

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