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Cautiously optimistic about the waves this morning, we made the 45 minute journey north.  Launched at 6AM and back off the water by 8.  Headed to Hamlin state park and set up heading east in 15 ft.

Went 2 for 4 on fish as well as people ralphing.  Unfortunately the wife and daughter didn't fare well but we managed 4 hard hits.  3 salmon on, one landed, and a decent brown to finish the trip.  The 3 salmon all hit a pickle seed stingray spoon 50ft back off a rigger down 8ft.  Brown hit on our homemade "Gramma Warrior" spoon set the same on the other rigger.  

 Ran a 2 color down the chute with no takers and tried Chinook #2's on each side but the tossing/rocking either tripped them or drug line off, even after tightening the releases a bit.  Tried one Otter boat board but it quickly dove a few times before making it out 15ft.  Is there a way to set these in rough water so they don't dive?  

Worth the drive and now we know who needs dramamine for the next trip!



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Nice job. We launched right after you but decided to wait awhile cause we were in smaller boat. Fished in creek for awhile then headed out. Still pretty rough from east. Tried 10 -15  east of port with nuthin goin. We trolled with waves ending up in 20 fow and got down to pump house where we finally found some fish. We hung around that area and finished 7 for 10. 3 Kings, 3 Browns and 1 Laker. Kings were nuts darn teenagers. Good to get out. Thanx to Steve for Fishin Trip. All fish caught on spoons.

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