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ship builders to bradocks 4-26-09

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Was out on thumb burn's boat today. Got out of the genny at 6 am and headed east to the bay and ship builders and then back again. Waste of gas cause we didn't move a rod until almost back to the genny when we picked up two cookie cutters. Found good water west of the genny and proceeded to troll from russell to bradocks ALL DAY long. Nice 11 hour troll will do a man well. I guess you could call it a mixed bag of fish with overall going 12 for 16 with 9 browns a steelie and two huge small mouths. We did end the day with a triple but we thought we lost the last fish and while reeling it in thumb burn's says i think we still got that fish and we see a nice 1lb perch skipping across the top. :D

Best bite was on a clown grandma and black and silver crystal minnow 150 and 200 back on the boards. Oh yeah did the small mouth's this year do a little juice or what??? They must be eating well on those golby's :yes:

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I think your right on the smallmouth bass, I have taken 2 this year while trolling inshore and both were 4+ pounders!! Hopefully we see more of em and in better numbers!

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I am very new to trolling the O and I fish out of Braddock.

Where exactly is ship builders? I always assumed it was the channel into Round Pond.

The few smallies I caught jigging last year were 4-6 pounds. The scary thing was the size of the Gobys.


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