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My first set of these riggers came used on a boat I bought back in the 80s. Parts are real scarce now .I have two more replacement riggers like this in the garage ready to go. These still haul a 12lb ball up from 160ft like nothing.The counters are not real accurate anymore I just dial them in on the depthfinder.  The tag on this one says 1985...  My math says 37 years old and still going strong.  Will definately outlast me.  I have one I have cannibalized for parts .It still ran but gears were worn out.. They dont make em like this anymore..



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Something to be said for predictability too Stan.....things that function like they are supposed to and predictably are rare these days. I still am using my Cannon 10 A's from 1985 that I bought from Canandaigua Fishing Tackle and they have been out of business for many years:lol: I figure they will probably last as long as I am able to fish :lol:

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