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Repairing My Boat; Tree Damage

Todd in NY

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Last December we had a wind storm blow through here that caused a tree limb to fall on my covered Crestliner. I came home from work late the day it happened. The tree limb was from a healthy White Pine tree, and thankfully it wasn't the whole tree. The base of the tree limb was roughly 10" in diameter. The limb broke through the 2x4 frame that supports my 20' x 30' heavy duty tarp. I looked at the tarp and tree limb with a flashlight, then went back inside the house, too tired to deal with it after a long day at work.


The next day I removed the tree limb with a chainsaw, and removed the tarp so I could survey the damage. The tree limb crushed my hardtop about 12-18" on the left rear, which also shattered one of my solar panels and bent the angled hardtop support brace. Thankfully none of the glass was broke.  Being December, all I did was repair my 2x4 frame, took pictures, and put the tarp back over the boat, with a new 10x12 tarp over the 4ft hole in the main tarp.


It could've been much worse. I've never had to repair anything like this before, so I spent the next 6 months formulating a plan.










Most of the left side support braces were bent like this one


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Now it's time to try to put the bend back in the flattened left rear corner of the hardtop.


This is what the right side looks like



This is what the left side looks like







I placed a basement floor jack under the flattened crease that I could reach with it.



I then used a ratchet strap to force the left side of the hardtop in toward the center.




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The HT on a Sabre is pretty much a structural piece. If there is a negative about those hulls, it is that they flex A LOT! The HT absorbs that flex. I also had the longer HT with the full length windows. I'm sure that contributed to the stress I had vs yours. Still....I would get it welded considering the damage you had. Check locally for a welder. Lots of guys would come to the boat. It's only a 15 min job.

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