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Yankee's end of July @ the Oak - PIC HEAVY

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July 30th (morning):

It was not the day to take pictures after each catch nor was it a day to clean the catch on the water. Y'all get one pic from our morning charter 😁. Rock, his son, and their buddies joined us from PA today. It was sporty! The bite was all we could handle. Mostly a spoon bite for us on our Cannon Downriggers. Carbon 14, DW Gold Sea Sick, and UV Green Jeans all took multiple fish. On our DW Deeper Divers we pulled green flashers. Meat rig on one side and an A-TOM-MIK Bam fly on the other. 200-225' out on a 1.5 setting. We started with a 300' A-TOM-MIK copper and by the end of the day switched out to a 400'. Everything took fish, and they left with a nice box of meat.




July 30th (afternoon):

On yesterday's afternoon trip we had a group from upstate New York fish with us. The lake settled down nicely while we fished. We ended the evening with a couple tickets in the box, but it could have been much better! We dropped as many as we landed, and tossed back a few small ones. We found 28N to be our best looking zone. The program and lure colors were almost identical to the morning trip, but we did deploy a few more A-TOM-MIK coppers.





July 31st:


Another great day on the big pond. Max, and his crew from PA, joined us for their annual Salmon charter. Our starting spot this morning was 27N/7W. We ended up working 28-30N all day. Slow start and missed fish was this morning's story, but we finished strong.
Our Cannon Downriggers were the main attraction today. In the morning DW Gold Sea Sick Waddler and Carbon 14 were good. However, the stud of the day was a pair of DW Moon Crickets. All our downriggers were mupped with spoons and fished from 65-80' down. We had a couple diver shots at 200' out with Green flashers and meat rigs. The 300' A-TOM-MIK copper took a couple fish as well including our big guy at the end.
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10 hours ago, wet the net said:


When you say mupped, is that when you run two spoons (one mag on bottom and regular on slider) of the same color pattern? Is the slider free sliding or fixed?

Thank you


Regular spoon on main line and mag pinned 10' above it in the same pattern.

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