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Launched around daybreak and headed North to 450' to set up and headed north.  Fish finder was going wonky no matter what speed we were at, even idle. Thankfully the old chart plotter gave a good indication for general depth but we had no sonar to speak of till the very end of the trip when it decided to cooperate.  I also lack a Fish hawk so we were going off of GPS speed, rigger angle and diver arch to the best of our ability.


Managed 5 for 8, all kings. 500, 600 coppers with gramma warrior mag and carbon 14 each took a fish.  5 hits off a rigger with Carbon 14, 2 shakers, 2 juveniles and one mature.  All at 100ft down.  Started getting pretty choppy by 11 so we pulled lines and headed south to 150 and started a South westerly troll with the wind.   Had a great diver shot and screamer that ended up shaking, 185 out over 145 depth. Got pretty sporty out there by the time we hit the launch but a good day overall!






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