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Sorry..Another diver question.

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I generally run Chinook #5's set at 1.5 on wire and #3's on braid set at 4, for my spread. Due to a loss of a #5 earlier this year and none being available, this weekend..I resorted to a #4 on the inside with a #2 on the outside. It didn't take long before they got together. No matter what I did, there was no way of keeping them apart. The wire divers are 7' rods up and out at 45 degrees while the braid is 9' at a flat 90 degree. Any ideas?

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They tangled during deployment, or after a while of being in the water tangle free?


Most of the time, I've seen tangles happen during deployment ... especially when you have the inside diver in the water, and try to deploy the outside diver.

As you deploy, there is very little drag on the diver to bite into the water and pull the dipsey up and to the side ... imagine, it just sinks down almost straight

in the middle of the boat ... and has a deep dive angle (like throwing a rock out the back of your boat).  Then when you stop spooling it out, it bites, and goes up

and to the side, and STRAIGHT into the inside diver line.


The trick to deploying the outside, is to pull that rod to the side, and let it out REALLY slow, to keep it up and to the side, and away from the inside diver.


If that's not the issue, it could have been bad currents, or tight turns ...

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Thanks Tyee for the reply. It seemed to always happen when bringing in the outside diver, which is really odd because there was a 30 ft difference between depth, with the outside running in the top 30. The outside rods were divers and spoons while the insides had flasher and flys. Always on the Starboard side, regardless of speed or direction. I wonder about maybe after popping the diver on the retrieve, letting out some line bring it closer to the surface and then bringing them up the middle, like I do with boards....

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