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Sold / Closed DAKOTA lithium 24volt 20 AMP AC/DC CHARGER

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I plan on getting a 12v 60 amp starting battery for my boat and was thinking of getting a charger like this which is 199.00 on their web site. anyone that uses lithium batteries for trolling motor or electronics can save 139.00 plus tax by buying this charger. I don't think I will need a charger for my lithium battery as it will only be used in my boat and charged with the alternator. but you better hurry as I'm thinking about buying it to charge my battery during the winter months.


woops i just noticed this is for 24v batteries and not for 12v. but if you have 2 batteries you can hook them together for 24v then charge both of them.

Edited by sherman brown
missed 24v in listing.
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