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for sale : usa Mickey Mouse boots size 12

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Here we have a very nice pair of size 12 black Mickey Mouse boots in near perfect condition. These are the Mickey Mouse boots the military uses and are good for sub arctic conditions.
five85-seven0 four- nine six one three




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that is a good price for micky mouse boots but at this time I have good boots. but I wore these for deer hunting on stand and used them for ice fishing for hours at a time. back yrs. ago and I still have my toes. The best think I liked about the boots was they were completely waterproof unless you get water over the top of them.


I shot a deer on the other side of a river and had to bring it back across in water up to my chest and the boots got waterlogged then I used them for our ML season thinking they had dried out. but after a short time, my feet were wet, and I thought my feet was frozen off. but they are great boots for cold activities when not wet inside., LOL.

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