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Cannon Optimum Downriggers - NEW Software Update Available

Yankee Troller

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If you've been looking for Cannon Optimum downriggers, and couldn't find any, it's becasue they were holding off on shipping them until the new software was ready. That being said, they are now available at my distributors. Contact me if you were unable to make it to the Niagara Show this past weekend to purchase some. I can ship direct to you.
If you currently own Optimum downriggers you should load software update onto your downrigger(s). This can be done through the Cannon App. This software update fixes the boot loader errors, and adds a feature to bottom tracking called "Max Bottom."
Here is a video on how to update the software in your Cannon Optimum Downrigger:
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11 hours ago, Zinger11 said:

So what is max bottom 

6 minutes ago, Frogger said:


Thanks Rick for the instructional video! 



Great question. Talking with the engineer yesterday my understanding is while bottom tracking it wont let the cannonball go below that max depth.

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