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for sale : usa Boat Trailer

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Used galvanized trailer I used for my 19’ Sea Nympth. 

Tail Lights and rollers are in great shape. 
Bunks need replacing (metal brackets are fine) 

Tires need replacing due to tread wear. 

Newer winch (believe I have the “wedge” shaped piece instead of roller if wanted) 


$500 or make me a reasonable offer. 

Currently located in Webster area and if you’d like to see it text me at 

585-354-7700 and we can

make arrangements to meet. 







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I just bought a 19' Sea Nymph in Nov. Canvas cab, 90 hp Merc, 4 down rigger,2 fish finders and Fish hawk, all good stuff. Trailer not so much. Single axle 1986 Yacht Club. Tires were worn on outer edges. So I just yesterday received two new wheels and tires. Found the problem. Bent axles. I just wire brushed and painted the main frame and installed LED lights.

Thought I was ready for this season.. Stopped. Looking for a pair of new or good/used/unbent axles. Had I seen your trailer for sale a few months ago, I'd buy it. So right now looking for axles and/or a place to buy them (that have them in stock) Inner Net not so great. They take your order, then say its Back-Ordered and keep your money for months.

Let me know ..any advice accepted.



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Had a treable season.Rained 6 out of every days. Vermont had major flooding 3 times. Sad! I installed new wheels and tires painted the entire frame and fenders. Looks nice and the bent axle works ok for short trips. Will probably just buy a complete new trailer next season. I just returned to my AZ home on Friday. Son getting  married,  then holidays, then sell my AZ house and move into my Vermont lake house forever.  Thanks for the reply.

Tight Lines

Speedy Bob

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9 hours ago, FISHINMAN said:

Give me a couple days and I’ll get you the information. 


10 hours ago, cinnamon fish said:

Hi, could you give me the trailer's width between the tire fenders?  Thanks in advance.

73” exactly 

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