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Wilson KOTL/ Wilson Harbor Salmon Slam

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Just wanted to say thanks again to all who participated in this event. It was great seeing everyone again after the long winter. I would like to congradulate Joe Toomey and his crew on a well deserved win (and everyone else as well). Also thanks to all our sponsors of our Salmon Slam event with special thanks to Rosie and the Sunset Grille Crew for some great eats as well as Mike Gustin Candy Andy and Tom Allen for their gracious donations helping make this event possible again this year. We look forward to doing it all over again in 2010!

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I fished with team Flat Out, finished 9th, boat right next to ya at dock. I must say that all the ports that I have fished out of on the south shore of Lake Ontario Wilson is defiantly one of the best if not the best . Thanks to all that sponsored this event.

When I saw Joe's box" Irish Thunder" laying on the deck of his boat on day one I was like WOW..when I saw it day two, I was like are you kidding me a huge salmon and 4 more in the 18lbs range!!!

Thanks for all the hard work and time it takes to put a top notch event like this together.



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Awesome event, didn't see a frown in the place and everyone had cash, a prize, or free food and drink in hand by the end of the night. Kind of a lot to take in all in a single night, Mike Lis and Kevin Jerge did one heck of a job !!!! Hats off to the entire crew and restaurant, super event !!! Thanks for the help Bob Buck and everyone involved. Amazing


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Couldn't agree more with the people above.

Heck of a port, awesome tournament, and the Salmon Slam was great.

Look forward to doing again next year. Hopefully the weather will be a little better.

Thanks to all who were involved in all the events!!!!


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