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  1. Flashers are just attractors that bring the fish to the bait. I used a 3.5 to 4' leader with the 8" protroll or pro-king flashers.. I like the lighter blanks so the kick of the flasher jerks the spoon more. NK used to make a "flasher" spoon on a aluminum blank. The triangle flashers like the Tri-Flash or the Dee's , and another one that works too. There is a new one from protroll that just spins took fish for us last year., agitator, maybe.
  2. Works good,I like a lighter blank R&R superlite took kings for us Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. You can add a weight ahead of the core to get it deeper.if needed , All depends of the temp of the water.
  4. Pull mine with a 1/2 ton no problem. When I put my floor in , I replaced the fill hose to the tank. And made it three pieces so the center can be removed to get to the tank if needed. Great boat. Mine is the 3.7 , I put a real alt on it as the one in the front of the engine was overcharging. It has the closed loop cooling and had to put new waterpump seals in it. Working fine now.
  5. Big Dave


    They love small holes and such . Used to have a time with LP lines when left open. There is another one that uses leaves and makes a package about 3 or 4" long..
  6. Up Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. The weight of the hook effects how the spoon runs too. Changing the hook sometimes will make a good spoon junk.
  8. Only have had a couple on PM messages, Was at the WHI. I am in Cortland , NY 13045 And I have a Dumb phone, not a smart one.
  9. Big Dave

    Fuel tank.

    Plug openings,, vent , outlen, and make an adaptor of some sorts for the fill., The fill lines on my Islander that had sat for 10 years were very bad . The fuel was seaping through the rubber. We had to replace the floorboards anyway, so they were easy to get to and the fill on the gunnel.
  10. Big Dave

    Fuel tank.

    The hoses to fill the tank are probably junk and need replacing. Use coastguard aproved hose. You coulld use air to pressure test the tank. maybe 3 to4 psi and see if it holds . Use a bicycle pump to put the air in.. Don't use more than that or you could hurt the tank.
  11. Coffee stir stick ,,swizzle stick. Or a tooth pick in the hole where the line goes to the hook. I sometimes snell a single hook tournement style which sets the length to the treble right.
  12. I like the nylon straping tape with the filiments in it insted of electrical tape..
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