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  1. That poor barn is like a black hole !! When the last screw was put in things kept coming there. inlaws, kids, wife , friends saw an empty space and had to fill it.
  2. Check out the pictures on the Shark downrigger weight sight. They caught some monsters in a baltic sea tournament last week Shark Cannonballs 2 hrs · Third place, biggest fish at Bornholm; Shark Cannonballs from facebook
  3. I need to find my barn !! I have a 1977 20' Thompson 228 hp mercrusier with a (mr) outdrive. its on a easyloader trailer with 6 bolt wheels and (non working )brakes. There is a head with a pumpout. Good fixer upper, or parts. I bought the islander and this has set in my barn since 08 . Would like it gone, $800 or make an offer .
  4. Lures first job is to catch us. Any fish caught is a happy supriize !!
  5. Your behind the 9 mi PT. Might be a little bumpy out in the lake more !!
  6. Got a pre Alpha one (think its a mr ) its a 1 to 50 ratio Comes with a 77 thompson and trailer
  7. Mex pt is open, but the dock isn't in There is a 2' snow pile in the entrance though .
  8. See what I mean This is my 20# line class catch & release sickleback
  9. How come when I hold them they look tiny ???
  10. Northland has a rattle they use on jigs for bass. It slips over the leadre nice. Comes in a double "shotgun" or a single. I like gamagatsu (not spelled right ) round bend 3x strong in 1/0 for hooks
  11. 10" green dot spinnie with a Pro-Am fly off the Salmon river fall on 2013 Also have caught lake herring about 12" long on free sliders with a small stinger spoon a few years ago
  12. If it sat for that long check the wiring for mice damage. My Islander sat along time and the mice ate every bit of the insulation off the trailer wiring. I had bare wires the whole length of the trailer. Soulds like a nice boat if you can get it right.
  13. Watch the little metal clevis on the breakaway cable. Sometimes it will turn and worry its way through the cable and you lose a weight . Its the horseshew shaped piece that makes the loop for the snaps. I run the probe anytime the rigger is used.
  14. In the fifties the used to be called neckers knob !! So you could steer with your arm around your sweeties neck
  15. Big Dave

    for sale : usa Sylvan Offshore 22- SOLD

    Half ton Ford F-150 would tow it easy !! I don't know about a 1500 though
  16. But that leaves a paper trail that the wife can find !!
  17. Adjusting the radio will stop the static. A good antenta is a plus
  18. Most of the kinking happens when there is slack in the wire. It gets loops then when they pull tight , KINK ! Keep the wire tight even when not using it. And when bring the bait or fish. into the boat.
  19. What we did with the Cubscouts was Big fish , smallest fish,and Every kid "won" something.
  20. Don't they stock trout in some of the Long Island streams ?
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