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  1. Merry Christmas! Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Half way through winter !! the days start getting longer the 21st.
  3. Thanks for all you do for Us !! Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Sounds like a good start to the year !! Im in , good rate at the Quality inn too.
  5. Worked in Ithaca for about 15 years and took eastshore dr. to work everyday. In the spring the run off went up the east shore headed north. The west shore from taughanock south was clean water headed south.. There is always a pile of sticks and logs headed north on the east side. up past the water plant. Fish hawk works good to get the speed right. Lily , I am glad your enjoying the boat. I always caught a bunch of fish on it..
  6. South troll on the west side your going with the lake current. You can see it in the spring run off. The west side is usually clear and east side muddy. Speed up on the south troll .
  7. Happy birthday Hank hope you have a great day !!
  8. Change the fuel filter/water separator. Still catches fish !! Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Your Welcome , Looks good. Have fun with her !!
  10. Get an old ironing board so you can clean the fish outside. Adjustable height. and you can hose it off when done. The older heaver ones are the best. You see them along side the road with the " free " stuff
  11. Put in your 5, or 6 twists in the line. Then pull it and put 4 more or so loose twist in the line. That makes the tag from the release longer and shows the shaker landlocks you get in the fingerlakes.
  12. There was a smallcraft warning so the tourament was canceled. The picnic was a good time !! Well done to the picnic crew
  13. Golden shiners work in cutbait rigs
  14. I said that they would be busy, I didn't ever say doing what !! Lol. The sharpies fade out with the sunlight. Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Have some sharpies and blank white spoons. Let the kids make a special spoon, and run it!! Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Tire may be out of balance where it is shaking the P out of that wheel. bearing buddies are alot heaver than tin covers the hubs come with .
  17. Just because we can't see it dosen't mean the fish can't see it at depth. They make their living down there, we just sorta visit once in a while.
  18. I can see empty spools in their future if there are Kings around. !!
  19. Super rod, will handle a King easy, but light enough for the fingerlakes too. Love mine much more fun than the bigger rods.
  20. SWR Is a stealth setup. Gets the lure away from the noise and etc. of the boat. when the fish are spooky. Plus you can get the leadcore deeper than you can on its own.
  21. Bear one the dart hit a vein and not muscle as intended. Bear two, there was a second bear a week later spotted crossing the road up near the high school. The school was locked down. This bear didn't come into the city like the first and skirted around to the river and hills to the south. These are probably young bears run off by mom with new cubs.
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