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  1. You have a lot of $ in a diverrod setup. They are under a lot of pressure. And the hit from a king is quite a shock to the holder. That said I vote for a heavy metal holder. I have the Big jon diver rod holder. Berts, Cannon and others make good heavy holders. Don't cheap out with plastic holdeders, that will cost you alot in the long run.
  2. You might want to run 7 or 19 strand wire insted of Monel single strand wire.
  3. Walmart has a nice uv light also 10$. Its funny how the same color tape on lures (to our eyes) will light up with the uv.
  4. Those little ball bats that they give out at the ball games work good to "Calm " the fish down when in the boat.
  5. I run 7' rods. Love my7' roller dipsie rods , so much more fun than the longer rods.
  6. Prayers sent to him and his family
  7. Fishdoctorcharters.com has a vidio on how to snell the tournament tie.
  8. With the dipsie everytime the boat rocks with a wave the lure gets jigged with the boat action.. Very differant action from the same lure fished on a rigger. Be glad if you have a rod that is the "hotrod" of the day.
  9. Have them eat shushi or something fishy that will chum the fish to your boat
  10. Going good !! Will be up to Selkirk Sunday for two wks. We thought a feeder would help the steelhead pen in the Little Salmon.. The one with the hatchery feeder the fish showed better growth then the hand fed ones.
  11. I think they use one at Fairhaven, maybe one of those guys will read this.. They have been thinking about one for the Little salmon river steelhead pen. Its a feeder like the one at the hatchery.
  12. solid ring , not a split ring on the swivel. The knot Tim posted is right on.
  13. When we made the new floor boards . I made them so the centersection where the tank is can be unscrewed to get to the tank and the sending unit.
  14. My 88 sat for 10 yrs before we started to work on it. When we pulled the floor up we drained the tank and replaced the filler and vent hose. They had started to weep fuel through the old rubber. I drained the tank through the fuel outlet in the back of the tank, motor end and ran the hose out through the drain plug hole in the back of the boat. Flushed some fresh gas through and put a filter and water sep. unit in the line . Knock on wood it has been working for me. Used the old gas in the riding mower a little at a time. to get rid of it.
  15. I like your theory if I am not catching fish I might as well not catch big fish.. Man after my own heart..
  16. 20# No Weren't happy with 12+ # either.
  17. I never had that happen . I have been using blacks for a long time, they were always" black" though. I have a swivel on the end of the cable and use the blacks release that has the clip in it to hook onto the weight. The blacks release is free to spin on that shaft. I am guessing that your release dosen't spin for some reason and the twisted cable as its let down winds up the line. Make sure the release is free and the weight is free to turn and track. If your release is the same as mine and you clip it over the release when hooking on the weight, it won't spin Not good..
  18. transducer kicked up ? angle wrong.
  19. Nice !! Have to laugh though, I do the same thing launch on the east and fish the west. Other guys I know launch on the west and fish the east side of Cayuga.
  20. It all depends on the temp of the water, and what you are fishing for. It will vary day by day because of the action of the wind and such. In Mex bay west wind will push in the warm water and make the temp drop down.. You may need to be down 120'. Where an east wind will push the warm water out and bring the temp up, and you may have temp at 50' or less. With no way to get temp look at your fishfinder and set to that. Your fixed sliders can be as close as 10' with out tangling , just be careful lowering it down. Remember the ball will blow back so100' of cable may only put you down 80' Trolling is never boring !!
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