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  1. Flasher and flies off the dipsies work well there ! Same colors as on Lake Ontario.
  2. Hank , L & M like Splitshot said !!
  3. Go to the fish Dr site they have a vidio. fishdoctorcharters.com
  4. If you mean the trip arm on the dipsie , it will depend on what you are trolling behind it and speed. Set it so it dosen't trip by its self, and you can trip it to bring it in.
  5. Check to see how the old cable was on. My old mag 10's the cable goes through a hole in the spool and then is looped through a crimp . The crimp is large enough so that it can't get back through the hole in the spool. You wouldn't want to have the weight out and have the wire spinning around the spool and not pulling up the weight.
  6. The Today show showed pictures of beaches during the holiday weekend. Some of the pictures showed beaches on Superior that had huge hunks of ice floating on it . There was a guy in a kayak and people on the beach, not in the water.
  7. Fish don't back up good. Get the head and as much of the body in before lifting up. The old release on the bag works great. Like the other post said you don't want to streach out to reach the fish.
  8. They will bite you in the boat !! Go to Roughfish.com There are guys that fish just for them .
  9. Plus you can move the radio over to the new boat .
  10. I got leader reels . They were a couple bucks each and I store 5 or 6 " sliders " or leaders on each. The red one is 10# , blue is 14# The rest are 20# . The 20# There are 6' and 4' and one with 6' with the michigan stinger slidersticker snap. You can make these leader reels with a old line spool and a 1/4" hole and a slot. The small off-shore release are what I use to "Fix " slider. The differant lengths let me move them to a flasher to run a spoon . Or a dipsie to run a spoon. The 10# is red so I don't use it King fishing. You drop one end of the leader in the keyhole slot and wind it on. Hook the next one to the first and so on. Bought mine at Woody's in Port Ontario.
  11. Ray there was an extra charge for all the hair !!!
  12. Guys don't realise how much the reports help others who are layed up for one reason or another., When I was getting over my knees replacements I livee through everyones reports Thanks to all.
  13. The alwives coming ashore to spawn the browns must be full.
  14. Coming ashore to spawn. Some of them might not take the stress of it. The browns and walleyes must love this time of year.
  15. I also like a round bend not an angular one that way it won't jam on the nose of the spoon. Esp. if it dosne't have a ring on the front of the spoon
  16. Happy Happy Happy birthday !!!
  17. Fat Nancy's or All Seasons in Pulaski has them. Seen them on E-bay and the interney tackle houses. We allways do well with the Tri-flash flasher too. I like that for cut bait in the fall.
  18. I miss the old Fay's Drug store . Their fishing section was great. Took up a 1/4 of the store. Sad its gone.
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