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  1. I put all my weight on the helm seat !!!
  2. northrenkinglures.com The site came up for me.
  3. Justin where is the weigh in and Pavillion ? Thanks Dave.
  4. Livewire made something similar. He used a box like that with some of the plastic square mesh that goes over the flo. lights in the block cealing. He cut it to fit the box and the spoons go in it and stand up like the plano box. I will see if he can post a picture of it.
  5. Dave from R & R will have his rocker spoons at his table.
  6. Caz you usually have 250 to 350' of wire out on the setup and a king wacks it and takes out another 400' or more. You need the 1000'
  7. Yep !! Wouldn't miss it. can't think of a thing I need, but know I will wind up with something
  8. Its the ELOSTA (Eastren Lake Ontario Salmon & Trout Association. ) Not to be confused with LOSTA which is out in the Westren part of the lake. Its a good sale with lots of bargans to be found. Nice to talk to friends after the long winter too,
  9. Made a huge differance on both my 22' Islander and My buddies 22' islander. Stopped the porpoising and pounding when running.
  10. Should have put one down in the propwash.
  11. Post a picture of the one you have left. I am sure if it has a hook that someone on the board has tried one !!
  12. Les Davis made one with the line hookup toward the middle. Named Port Defiance spoon They came in several sizes.
  13. Get open eye siwash hooks and close them over the solid ring with pliers.
  14. tarn-x and some white paint would fix some of them too. The old hookester in group #1 is a good spoon 4th from the left. Some interesting bends on some of the suttons. Must have run them very slow, or pulling copper.
  15. I don't want the boat to blow over the top of the fish when its close to the boat.
  16. Didn't add weight, but a dolefin on the cavation plate on the outdrive stopped the bouncing and banging when running. Mine is a 1988 22' hardtop. The fin made a huge differance.
  17. You have the lever from the butt to the forgrip. The fish has the lever from the forgrip to the tip. Those big saltwater rods for tuna and stuff arn't very long. My old fishing partner couldn't bring in a wire fish with the longer rods, and he could with the short ones. They work for me !
  18. the shorter rods are easier to fight the fish on. The main thing that people are wondering about are the dipsie lines going to cllear the rigger cables.
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