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  1. Keep your paper work from buying the boat and trailer so you can get it Reg in NY.
  2. I used buckets too, with a 3" hole in the center. My corner morring lines are 15' they go from the corner cleat to a cleat midships, tied to the bucket and in the water they go. Help to stablize the boat in rough water some too.
  3. They fish the fingerlakes all winter. Kitty litter , salt and chains are a plus as the ramp will get ice covered from pulling out the trailers.
  4. Well were half way through , the Days start getting longer now
  5. Thought the hairy part was your BACK !!!
  6. used to tune the Rapalas for walleyes by flatting the eye slightly and bending it down toward the lip. Seal it again with clear fingernail paint. I put a finishing nail in the loop before i try to flatten it so I don't crush it ( like I did the first time ) This gives the lure a wider rolling type of action that sounds like what John is doing with his tight knot. Used to drill them and weight them to make them suspend. , expensive when you mess it up.
  7. I can see firecrackers for the 4th , shamrocks for st Pat's , exploding fish or eggs for easter , It would be a BLAST !!!!!
  8. Happy Birthday RUNNIN REBEL !!!
  9. Fish Dr makes custom 7' dipsie rods with all rollers. They are Sweet!!!!!!
  10. Darn it Ray I can't find that anywhere !!!
  11. LARRY that was a "crappy" thing to say!! Thank God he didn't light a candle in there
  12. The fingerlakes are a good choice when the Big lake is to rough. The fact that they run north and south make it easier to get out when the north west wind kicks up. They are narrow enough so if its to rough on one side go accross the lake to the other. The fish are smaller , but willing and hit the same stuff. Cayuga and Seneca are good choices. As are the smaller lakes.
  13. There is an Islander for sale between Mclean and Rt 38 on the Mclean Pruville Rd. Has 4 cannons on it. Fairly new, atleast compared to my 88
  14. There is one in Hartford thats been there for many years.
  15. The wheel of fortune has stopped either side of my number before. Your friends should help your wife strighten things out if need be. PS they tell me traveler checks won't work on the other side
  16. wonder if the circle hooks would stop that ? And if they would work on the marshmallow and worm rig?
  17. They have set ups that they sell for campers. Its the same s#** In the boat waste black water tank. Check at camping world or one of the other camper stores for a kit.
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