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  1. No. they are for trickle charging while the boat is in storage, and everything is off. Its only putting out 2.5 watts. The fishfinder ,stereo, and esp. the riggers all draw more than that.
  2. I would want a circuit breaker near the battery. That will protect the wiring from the batt to the switch and motor. That way there are no worries about shorts causing trouble between the batt. and the motors. A circuit breaker can or will reset where a fuse you have to carry , and find spares.
  3. GREAT MINDS think alike !!!
  4. Well there are two things. First is the size of your snapswivels will effect the lure action you want the smallest and strongest that will do the job. Get good ones don't cheap out. Second , browns in shallow water are skitterish and line shy. I like a dulock snap with about a 10' florocarbon leader to a small barrel swivel ( I like spro) that will go through the guides on the rod and the level wind of the reel . This is what I use on Cayuga for the landlocks too. I know you will get more replies . Oh the dulock snap has a round bend and won't effect the action of a spoon like a snap that is more of an angler bend.
  5. If they are 25' they consider YOU bait !!!!!
  6. Looks like a Summer LOC winner !!! Bait or a big fish swimming in the same direction as your boat.
  7. Clamp it in a vise with a piece of 2x4 and gently thump it over with a ball peen hammer. Use the ball end along the bend to take the stress off it. 1/8 to 3/16 alum. will bend pretty easy. You can get it a farm & home , lowes, home depot. etc.
  8. Neigheeeeee!!!! They are OFF!!!!! You are right about that. Glad your on the mend, seems to take longer the older I get
  9. tried some wee little ones about 2.5" long with no luck I think they were #2 s
  10. If the plug is getting hot there must be resistance in it . You might want to replace the plug if the wires are cool.
  11. 7' fish dr. roller guides. fun and easy to use. Scroll down to the bottom of the page . There are 53 replies to this same topic
  12. Smooth hose has more gpm flow than the flex type hose for the same dia.
  13. Stopped by the store today , he brought over more spools of 18 and27 # that are 7 and 8 colors. They are having a sale. Fly rods for $10 . I picked up a 4 piece grahaite 8/9 weight with a plastic case for $10 . I don't know what I am going to do with it , but it was on sale (thats what my wife says )
  14. Makes you wonder about wading where you might be considered bait !! Cool pictures !!
  15. Its on the calendar
  16. Dave will have two tables at the Watkins Glen sale
  17. They probably see all kinds of stuff off the Red dock later in the day !!
  18. Stopped by the Cortland line store at exit 11 on Rt 81. They had a bunch of leadcore mill ends for 3$ a spool. Some of the spools looked to be 5 to 7 colors. They had all line test 18#, 24#, 36#, 45 & 60 # This is pretty cheap if you wanted to make up some short cores.
  19. www.apexfishinglures.com They are made by Hot-spot up in Canada.
  20. Torpedo makes a diver with one of their weight hanging under it. They claim it goes super deep. Saw them at the LOSTA show.
  21. On our boat its more like FISH!! FISH!!!
  22. Spring west end , Fall east end, And the hot bite in the middle or where ever.
  23. It was great to see everyone and talk fishing and complin about the snow and ice. Plans in the works to make it bigger and better next year. Was alot of fun and great bargains too !!
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