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  1. I use the Fish Doctor 7' roller dipsie rods. Capt. Jeff ( Miss-em) and his Dad make them. One piece blank , Much easier to handle a King with and work great on the fingerlakes smaller fish too. My old fishing partner was 87 and wouldn't take his turn with the longer rods. He could handle a king no problem with the 7' rod.
  2. Roller rods reel in easier . You seem to get alot of friction going over the spring tip imo. Fish Dr. 7' roller for me.
  3. R&R would use trebles if you wanted, but he didn't like them.
  4. Put your cursor over the name and a box appears with info. and a send a message button
  5. gander Mt has rod socks that slide over the rod . They keep mine from tangling up when on the road. The two piece rods are broken down and slid in, They were made for the bass guys I think.
  6. make an "L " bracket or maybe a "Z" That would come down from above and go under the new mount. It would only have to be as wide as the X-4 . Thin Alum. would work. You could drill the bracket to use existing holes from the 840.
  7. What kinda of top . Canvas , hard, ??
  8. It wasn't a non comm. event he was on the cell and the radio in the middle of all that !
  9. I saw that one Jared. Must be the cold weather they have ,even I can get to a rod quicker than that The rigging on some of the small boats is interesting , several I saw had rocket launchers all around the windsheild and accross the transom. There was on vidio where the guy was alone in a small inflatable with a 10 hp motor. That boat couldn't have been 4' wide. That first vidio, why no one broke a rod or tripped over the nets is a wonder.
  10. I have been watching vidios of salmon trolling in the Baltic sea. Its interesting how they do it in Sweden , Finland and Norway. They are fishing for Alantics and get some nice ones . One site I read they are allowed 10 rods per person. The boats are quite small some look to be 16 or 18' and others are even smaller. The way they rig the boats is neat also. Some of the side plainers look to be a square tube with a fin . I don't know how they can run all the rods they do with out tangling them all up. The are some vidios on the VK flasher site also. I did a search on Salmon trolling is Sweden and found this one. Its a small boat and they triple up. I am not sure how they got the last one in the third net. One of the vidios the guys get an Alantic that was over 17 KG thats like 37 # www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItY6BtGUnAc Salmon trolling in Sweden by Zanderman These gave me some ideas to try next spring!
  11. This makes it easy to retie in the boat when there is a nick in the " hot rigs" line. Wet the flo. when you pull it tight. Keeps it from heating up with friction when you tighten up the knot.
  12. Did New years at Walt Disney world one year when my daughter worked there. That was quite a crowd !! Fun once!!
  13. Happy New Year !!!!! sorry that might be to loud for some of ya My son had a good time last night
  14. Happy New year !! Why the heck am I up this time of day and not getting ready to go fish ????
  15. All the Fish Arn't in the Pack. Stay away from the pack!! That makes our life easier. We try to stay away from the boats. Try to treat others as you would like to be treated works most of the time.
  16. I posted a reel repair stand last Feb. that makes working on your reels easier than chasing them around the table.
  17. The ELOSTA club will be having one in March also. It will be near Oneida lake.
  18. All the bait that hatched in the spring are now getting to an " interesting" size for the bigger fish
  19. first picture the black and orange small spoon is a 2f the next spoon is a 3f the rest are 5f
  20. 2f , smallest one 3f is the next size it like 3 1/4 " 5f was the next size it was like 3 3/4 " than the 7f which was like 5" That was how evil eye numbered them.
  21. You can get the brass wire at a craft store or Jo-ann's fabric store. I bought some blanks and that what I use for the eyes. A pair of needlenose pliers or a leatherman and your good to go. Fingerlakes (Cayuga ) you can't go wrong if it has some orange in it. The 2f in the fall and the 3 or 5 f in the spring works for me.
  22. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Great Happy New Year !!!!!!!
  23. That Hedwig ??? Nice. Had one in a tree out in back of the old house over 50 yrs ago. Nice picture with a phone !!
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