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  1. Cannon Mag 10'S with 4' booms . The dipsie rod holders are about 3' to 4' ahead of the rigger swivel. Most of the time I have the riggers at the 45 degree . Mostly so I can see the cable on the one and judge my speed and crosscheck it with the fishawk & Gps. They clear the riggers fine at the 90 too. Unless some is watching everything, but where they are going. The titelocks are gone, but big jon dipsie holders are in the same place.
  2. Thats what the curve of mine look like with out the real cold water Jeff has under his
  3. The smaller ones worked good on Cayuga last year. May have to try them Icefishing if this weather dosen't break soon. He will be at the ELOSTA sale the 15th
  4. You can find their web sites in the Instant report section. there are links to most of them from both ends of the lake. In the east end the kings are around from the end of July till they head up stream.
  5. Yeah Power dive Looks ok from the road, The old owner didn't put many hrs on it. Its probably a 3.7 liter 4 cyd. There was one on Mclean road just before you get to Rt 38 last fall. I see they moved it out behind the house now.
  6. One for sale at a camper dealer at exit 10 off of RT 81 in Polkville Its tan so its an 86 or 87
  7. I have heard they run deeper on a troll. With that bigger bill, I would expect that. For the price you might want to check that out, before leaving one on the bottom.
  8. Always wondered when they were blasting in the saltmines why it didn't "pull the plug" on them .
  9. Four mile creek was loaded a couple of years ago. They couldn't get in from the lake as the creek mouth was blocked with gravel. There were hundreds of them trying to get over the gravel bar at the state park. During the spring LOC.
  10. got a 5' poolstick rod with an old Ocean City reel with greendot trolling line . It works great for flying kites with the grandkids. Seeing how I am not much of a runner anymore. (like I ever was )
  11. For Kings in the spring I like Mags. or even the m-80 nk's . The big shoehorn has worked well too. Out at the bar. Cayuga in the spring the R & R razors and superlites , and nk 28's seem to work well for us.
  12. Trial and error. loop the line in the release and trip it . Keep trying it till you find your sweet spot. On Cayuga I wrap the line over my finger and twist it five or six times and put it in the clip. If you do the five twists tight and several more looser it will show a shaker better. I like mine.
  13. You can run the 3 color of a rigger also. SWR rig.
  14. two tone metalilic orange. just like in the pictures
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