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  1. We do short leadcores for the landlocks on cayuga. With inline boards. I know others use them for the browns on Ontario.
  2. Magenta shad from R & R for the steelies Don't fish for lakers, but do catch alot of them on Cayuga.
  3. Finger Lakes Trollers Association Home Page www.empacc.net/~bketchum
  4. I run 10# chrome , thats all my poor old Mag 10's want to handle. I see lakers on Cayuga come up 60' or more on the graph to hit a stinger scropian spoon. A 2.5" spoon that it couldn't have seen that far away. So yes I think the weights drew the fish up.
  5. Watkins Glen is March 30th a Sunday. The Elosta one is March 15th Check the calender.
  6. Elosta nautical and Fishing Tackle Sale will be held March 15th .It will be at the South Shore Association clubhouse at 6690 South Bay Rd. Cicero, NY 13039 From 9:00 to 1:00 $ 1.00 admission used to help send kids to DEC camp Food and beverages will be available throught the day For more info or to reserve a table call 315-252-6439 or 607-756-7922 and leave a message. Thanks
  7. The Elosta sale is March 15th and the Flta sale is in Watkins Glen the last Sunday of March. Look down in the fingerlakes section there is a thread there,
  8. Great seminar, and sale, interesting weather. Fun weekend to start the season with. Thanks LOTSA, pencel me in for next year,
  9. Take rt 79 from Ithaca to Watkins Glen. It changes to 414 coming down the hill along side Seneca lake. You come accross the end of the lake, don't cross the main bridge it will be on the left at the park You will see the rollerskating rink where its held. Some of the others can give out the name of the park.
  10. This is my 22' Islander hardtop, Loonfeather II. Its sleeping out in the barn right know dreaming of SPRING !!!!!
  11. The Elosta Club sale is March 15th At the South Shore sportsmans club on Oneida lake. Check the thread in the Gen Dis. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/41338-elosta-marine-and-tackle-sale/ added shortcut :L&M
  12. 15 hook points per line. So you can run one old wood bait with 5 trebles on it per line. Or 15 single hook lures per line. If your willing to untangle them !
  13. If you hook a king on that slider he will be one mad SOB when he keeps getting hit upside the head with that flasher off the dipsie.
  14. With the Losta weekend coming up I just watched one of the Keating vidios. He uses 7' diver rods , leadcore and rigger rods.
  15. Repeatability !! and knowing your equipment. If I hit a fish with 180 on the linecounter and a #3 setting . I can put it back again or send one to that same number on the other side of the boat. Speed , currents , boat action all effect exactly where that dipsie is in the water.
  16. Its to late for help for the Salmon fever. You could try a rod with a sprial wrap on the guides that helps with rod balance. might be easier for your wife to handle the spinning reel under the rod. Usually the convential reels hold more line and don't twist the llne like a spinning reel will if you crank against the drag, I hear the therapy part too !!
  17. You bet. should be fun as always!!
  18. I don't Andy , but Jeff may. The rod holders are about 3' ahead of the swivel for the rigger. And we run them flat to the water. The clear the riggers fine. . Lots of power in the middle With the lighter rod they work well on the fingerlakes.
  19. John you should have seen his face a few seconds later when his grandfather hit him with the wash down hose Hope to meet you next weekend at the show.
  20. Its a personal choice like others have said. I have used 10.6, 9.6 and 8.6 dipsie rods with twili and without. Carson was able ro bring this King to the net with very little help. This is why I like the shorter roller rods !
  21. My boat is a 22' Islander hardtop . Run about a 8' leader from the dipsie to the flasher and fly . The net is streached out so it sticks just above the hardtop when stored. No problem netting the fish with the 7' rod. We run the dipsies on a 1.5 to 3.5 setting so they pull out past the riggers fine . The holders are about 3' foward of the riggers and the riggers have a 4' boom. We run them at the 45 degree setting on the swivel. That leaves the center open for the dreaded copper or a leadcore.
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