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  1. Hey , Tim that house with the buffalo bill lights yours ??
  2. Have a great turkey day Jerry , Atleast you are getting older and the Turkey isn't
  3. Get it welded, and while they are at it have them put a beefer skid section there. Then it won't happen again.
  4. Tuna Tom is great. There is a nice stand posted for you doityourselfers do a search for here for " reel repair stand." I bumped it up its in the general dis. section
  5. Is that where all the "spotted" stuff comes from ??
  6. Sad news will keep you and your family in our prayers
  7. Going to launch it for Tim above the Falls ???
  8. The BEST dipsie roller rods !!!!
  9. The ELOSTA club meeting is at the Hatchery this next Wed. 10/15/14 7:00 PM The Dec will be there . Open to the public They will let us know how the egg take is and how the lake is too.
  10. Go early check out the hatchery , Salmon river falls. Go eat than hit the meeting. Thats what we normaly do .
  11. If your boat sits outside you will want the cap for it. It can drain rain water which may rot wood where it runs on it.
  12. Not to much , its just deep stable water just outside the washing machine of Mex. Bay.
  13. You can't tail a trout and the black mouuth says it all.
  14. I think the guys at lowrance are having a laugh with us. One of our weighpoints in Mex bay is Magoo's nose. Maybe you can see why. Seems like quite alot of structure to come up with a face on the bottom.
  15. Yep PAP laying in a MRI I just closed my eyes and went fishing. Recalling the post of the day before. Was done in no time.
  16. I enjoy the posts and haven't fished there in years.. Its to close So keep up the good work.
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