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  1. Looks like they pulled the plug on the lake for the spring run off. The lake looks real low today.
  2. Are there any fish up at the north end? :shock: Might be able to launch at Long Pt. sounds like a fun day .
  3. Got some custom rods from Jeff " Miss-em" . The Fish Doctor rods have great reel seats that won't loosen up and I got the grips bigger to go with my Big and old hands I am very happy with them. Well worth the money.
  4. Size #1 is what we use. With a snubber and a 7' leader. 2.5 to 3 setting will get you 60 to 70'. I made my own rod holders. They hold the rods parallel with the water and away from the rigger cables. 1 1/2" stainless tube with a bracket welded to the front and a through bolt through the back of the tube. You don't want them to stick out past the side of the boat. Good rod holders are worth the money, if you can't make them. Thats a lot of money to go splash when a fish hits , or the pull of the dipsie breaks a cheap one
  5. Oh No !!!! Fish can't see anything red deep I have had good luck with reds and orange alot deeper that that 20' vis. to us range they talk about. The red vampire Nks , black and red or orange stripe, all black with red stripe have worked.
  6. Propane Tech. Set the tanks run lines and stuff like that . Drive the bobtail (dev. tanker ) some. Do the "you want the tank where !!! ) thing with the costomers. In the Ithaca area. Set tanks on alot of the "Camps :shock: " there.
  7. How many boats?? 21' thompson for the big lake and Cayuga 16' starcraft project boat for winter fishing 14' quance (sp) row boat 17 grumman square stern canoe My wife has a kayac , I would need one for each foot :roll:
  8. 2 mono dipsey 2 braid dipsey 6 wire dipsey 2 lead core 1 Copper expermintal rod 10 Lake Ontario rigger rods 6 Cayuga rigger rods a few spare ones couple dozen spinning , and casting rods 4 fly rods 30 old rods antique, vintage, Dad's , Grandpa's etc. steel ones including an interline rod that telescopes from the 1850's a dozen Zebco set ups that I used with the Cub Scouts. Sword fighting proof Some Ice stuff, Need a lot of Ice for me. Guess I am like the guy in the commerical, that wants it all!!! Your not sick you don't hardly have a fever :shock:
  9. I got a sterns. It looks like a vest that I usually wear around the house and at work driving truck. I spent more for it , but its one that I wear, fits good( not an easy thing when your are my size), and it makes my wife and kids feel better when I am out by myself.
  10. If Ontario is to bumpy you could drop down to Cayuga too.
  11. Skeiner that 28 thing , is that with the photoshop???
  12. 57 classic, born in 49 .
  13. The one on the right goes to port and the left to starboard. The way they would wobble you want the dark side up like a real bait. Or if the fishing is slow you could swap them so the reverse contrast would have the dark side aginst the lighter sky. :shock: I would go with the hooks either way
  14. Usually the country or lite rock, Nascar race if you can pick it up. I think if I put speakers on the front of the boat and play that metal stuff ,I would have more elbow room fishing in front of the river in the fall. :roll:
  15. Got a pair of 600lc that are going on the rigger rods with 14# for the spoon rods. We usually pull rods and hit neutral, esp. now with just 2 in the boat. So the light line isn't a problem.
  16. I marinate kings in dinosaur bbq. sause the "mojito" kind, overnight than grill them. It would work on the browns too. When we clean the fish we remove all the dark meat thats the fat.
  17. Cayuga 1/17 The channel at the south end is frozen up So you can't launch at Treiman. I will post again when it is open
  18. Tons of lakers. Spoons , stickbaits, fly & flashers all take fish. If its to rough in the lake you can fish the river. You will need a canadian lis. if you cross the line. Read the reports, There is a Canadian site Spoonpullers.com that has a lot of good info in the spring time. They will be hitting kings of the weland canel before they come around the corner to the bar. The bar isn't that far from the canel anyway. Fourmile campground statepark is a good spot to camp. There will be lots of guys fishing staying there. Its a good time. The wind blows it will be cold calm seas it will be shorts the tee shirts. From my old motorcycle days its better to take it off than wish you had it. Extra clothes that is.
  19. ginger is susposed to help too. Ginger snaps etc.
  20. Do search on e-bay. fishermansheadquarters has them for $150 reg. or lc's same price, buy now. I think the other site was http://www.digitaldagger.com/ http://cgi.ebay.com/SHIMANO-TEKOTA-600- ... dZViewItem
  21. Next time you get a bleeder in the boat , run the bait through the blood and set it back out . And see which lure gets hit next!!!
  22. You sent out a BIKINI clad spotter :shock: and got me , Thats funny I don't care who you are
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