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  1. Chrome and black, sometimes pearl. Its not like a dipsie is a stealth thing, it must come through the water like a marching band with the wire line.
  2. The launch is very shallow at the first ramp with the steel wall . The floating dock and the ramp with the steel wall upstream are fine. They need to dreadge that one ramp our again!!
  3. Thomas Copenhaver They seem quite reasonable on repair and drag upgrades. Tuna's Reel Troubles 4583 N. Lakeshore Dr. Ludington, MI 49431 (231) 843-4557 Here is another one http://www.charkbait.com/cs/maintena.htm They have drag upgrades.
  4. The boats name is "Loon Feather" If you guys saw or heard us on the radio or floating around Mex. Bay the last couple of weeks.
  5. Just got back from our two weeks stint at selkirk shores. Lost the clutch on my pickup the second day . A friend loaned us a truck for the rest of the trip. That saved the trip!! Lost the coupler on the last day just before we were going to quit for the day. Will pick one up at NAPA next week. Our best was the chrome E-chip with a hammer or a mirage fly either off the wire dipsie or the rigger. One of the mirage flies was a mag 6" That took a lot of fish. There were no numbers to give because they changed day by day. Our best was 27.2# , got lots of nice Coho's this year. The last couple of days we got fish 65 to70' down tight to the bottom. Thats where the temp break hit bottom. You would mark fish on the bottom and once in awhile a rod would go off!. New truck and a new coupler and I will be good to go
  6. The Loon Feather will be launching at Mex. Pt. for the next two weeks. We run 10,68 untill it gets to wackey . Will have to give 69 a listen. Good Luck to all, see ya out in Mex. bay.
  7. I have a pair of older Mag 10's . White ones, no problems . Not as fast as the newer ones, but neither am I
  8. My son liked Magic cards. So I hide several packs around the boat. When things got slow I would send him to get something and he would find one of the packs. He had a goodtime.
  9. I think they are talking about the e-chip flasher from Protroll. Running with a fly.
  10. The #1 dipsie and the 30# wire work great on the fingerlakes too!!
  11. Just make sure to get it on tight or you will have trouble. After I tied it on the spool I taped it with the renforced packing tape to keep it from spinning on the spool. 1000' fits on the greatlakes lc 47 and the sg47 just fine.
  12. What port , I don't know where the "Wall" is. All the background waves look like all the others that I have seen
  13. You will like that fishfinder. With the gps you can change the plotter colors so you can follow the fish if you are out on the lake for a couple of days. My friend had one and we realy liked it.
  14. Jeff (Miss-em) makes a awsome dipsie rod 7' one piece with single foot roller guides. Its action isn't as stiff as the other rods. Works great with the Kings and the smaller landlocks and lakers in the fingerlakes. I run them with 30# wire and Daiwa sg47 linecounters.
  15. Sounds like a bad case of "Salmonella fever " to me!! Welcome to the sickward
  16. I can't make this one this year But good luck to all And Fishstix ,I hope your "catch rate "matches your" release rate" that you had last weekend Met Cosigner today
  17. Good Luck to all the guys fishing it, should be a good one
  18. 30# wire with a #1 dipsie. Roller guide rod for me.
  19. Stix no replie! You guys have been keeping me going. Haven't had a chance to get the boat out yet. Selling my house and the tennet house , and remodeling the new to us house. Waiting for the closing on the hole mess and I am gone fishing Sold to Tim Horton's so you will have a new donut stop when you come through town
  20. Catfish is 2/3 of the way from the boatlaunch at Mex. Pt. and 9Mi. Pt. Just east of scribia. Before the highrocks, bluffs. I am not sure what they are calling the silo.
  21. Where are you located I would like to take a look at them?
  22. Colorado :roll: That must be a Coors belly on that one stix
  23. Were you using scent? The fish might be interested, but if they don't smell right they may turn away . Gas , tobbacco, soaps etc. won't get you bit!!
  24. Any trailer has to be adjusted for the hull. It has to support the boat at the correct spots and helps to center the boat on to the trailer. Mine is pretty good the boat winds up in the same spot every time. I didn't do the adjusting. You don't want the bunk or rollers to set on a unsupported section of the hull. Mine is a roller with two short bunks that wind up under the I/O engine mounts of the hull. An easyloader brand. Just giving you more to think about
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