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  1. If Bill remembered to put the plug in :shock: he wouldn't need those tall boots.
  2. Teva's most all year, sneakers the rest of the time .
  3. It depends on how old the kids are. The longer rods might be to much for them to handle. Miss-em makes a great 7' dipsy rod that works great for kings and the smaller fish in the fingerlakes. I put a penn reel clamp on them with the eye so I can put a leash on them. That would be a pricey splash if the kids lose their grip
  4. My fishing partners say that I need to get a small boat to tow behind like a trailer to haul all the stuff
  5. fingerlakes are going now. They have been taking nice landlocks off of Taughannock point state park. There have been boats out trolling at the south end too.
  6. http://www.roughfish.com/ Its amazing what people fish for :shock: At somuch an inch it would cost a years pay to mount that puppy
  7. You sure arn't getting what you pay for. If the price keeps going up it might be cheaper to troll with galley slaves then with the engine
  8. Days are getting longer!!! Happy New Year to all. May all your fish be almost as big as Mine!!
  9. Calander I understand, the only stickey thread I know about are spider webs
  10. Shouldn't some off the lights be red on one side and green on the other!! All I want is a Closing on my houses before I go crazier!!!
  11. How about "B-U" (butt ugly) Its patterned off of the O's alwife just wilder colors
  12. Wound up with a cannon helmsman power unit. Don't know anything about this unit. It has a plug with two connectors no switch. Does it work as an autopilot ? Has a ball mount on one end.
  13. Hey Ray those yellow dots are something that just happens. Like freckles on an Irishman. Or age spots on an old guy (like Me)
  14. I think that might be a bit low. I know that we spent an lot more on tackle and food and lodging than that. Way more on tackle.
  15. Wire dipsies just flat catch fish!!!! Deep or shallow.
  16. 1 new tow vehicle 1 new coupler and bellows 1 closing on my houses!!! TIME!!!!!
  17. Personal problem she said about your probe? And how are we susposed to take that!! :shock:
  18. Thats no sport to watch the backing melt off and the spool start showing. You don't want to get spooled with the derby winner on.
  19. Billy you can fish Cayuga all winter South end is going to get hot soon! The Landlocks will be heading that way to run up Fall Creek.
  20. I do my part to beautify America by decorating the lake bottom with all those pretty lures and stuff Would love to see all the stuff that had been lost , it would be quite a pile.
  21. If that was 2 stroke mix that will fix their engine service light !!!
  22. I had a 4.4 hp two stroke on a 14' starcraft. If I had 45' of cable out the drag of the cables would slow the boat down. You had to run it wide open and it still wasn't fast enough.
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