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  1. You can get the parts at NAPA. Make sure the alinement is true, and that the transom isn't getting soft and allowing the out drive to move around. Its not a bad job if you have a engine hoist. lots easier than a car engine. Get spilne grease and make sure that the splines arn't worn out on the drive shaft. The wiring unplugs, the rubber boots for the exaust slip off. And out it comes . Mine is raw water cooled no antifreeze to drain. Good luck!!
  2. Put a new battery in your easy button!!! Good luck to you and the rest. See ya in Owsego
  3. Those salmon hate flashers and flies off wire dipsies I wouldn't use them Two dipsies and two riggers with spoons & sliders have always been good to me at that end of the lake. Hope to get out soon. sold my house and fixing up the new one so we can move has me tied down right now. Have one of those spoons in an orange flavor too.
  4. The 5" renosky stickbaits in the mirrior image and the reef runners, big rapala's all take fish for us. We take the front treble off, and some take all but the last hook off.
  5. Check the LOC leader board, wire & e-chip.
  6. Congratulations !! I just saw that Your boat is at the top of the leader board at 7pm. Nice job!
  7. I would like to get a cut on selling Bill Dance new rods.
  8. Any welder can fix or make a new one . Two smaller hose clamps can be hooked together to make a bigger clamp. The quick coupler is an airline coupler.
  9. I came back from Albany on Mothers day May 7 one year in 8" of snow on my motorcycle. I think they ought to take the calander and move the dates around the leap years adding an extra day have gotten things a month out of wack Talked to Steve at the NK sale friday. Said he had an Ice Fishing charter comming up next week
  10. A batt. Isolator will let both batt. charge with out moving the switch.
  11. What the heck all the slots are empty!!!!!!!
  12. The launch at long pt. SP is open one boat out there. At the south end there were a couple of boats along the east side. Saw one net go in , so they must have had some luck.
  13. The channel is open. Cornell or Ithaca Collage went up and down the channel all day with a 14'er to break up the skim ice. The Crew boats were out this afternoon when I came back into town. The crew of the crews didn't look to excited to be out rowing
  14. If you Missing Stuff there sure is a lot of it out in the lake
  15. The colored water sure shows where the currents flow!!!
  16. Will be at the Two at the east end. Would like to do the two in the west end. May ride out to watch the weigh in anyway . Always have a good time and meet great people.
  17. Marinate the fillets overnight in dinosaur bar-b-que Mojito sause . Than grill. fast and easy
  18. This AM the channel was open from the octapus to the Cornell boat house . The lake was open through the breakwall, but the lower part of the channel still had ice on it. A little run off will take that out before the weekend.
  19. Spring derby at the bar . Than Mex. bay and Cayuga when I can get the Three "W's" to let me!!! Wife , work , Weather.
  20. I would have to put one on each foot. How ever I like to row and have a 14' row boat that I troll with sometimes. What I use is lures like the wallydiver or deep shad rap. Cast them out to each side leave the bail open and row some and click the bail over. That gets them back aways and start crusing around. Get some nice browns that way. The trouble is going slow enough. Watch the rod tips and you can see the lure action. You can tell if you pick up weeds or if a fish hits
  21. Didn't get the nick-name BIG for nothing!!!! 3xtall. The company that does our work clothes puts a 32" sleeve on all shirts. All mine look like the 3/4 miami vice look. :x
  22. The speed was right going in the one direction. The swing back , lure action, with the currents , all helped to trigger the strike. We always circle back not turn back.
  23. flasher and fly off a wire dipsie might make those spooky trout agressive. We use 30# wire with a roller guides.
  24. Etch-a-skech screen for me. I always jump to get the rod so the way points don't get set. Just have to go back to the squigel on the trail to find where we hooked up.
  25. The big 5" renosky stickbaits have been good to us at the bar in the spring. We take the front treble off and run them off the riggers 20' set back. Blue green , purple and pink, chartuse and silver, the mirror image all work
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