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  1. It does manage to find the dipsies and other things somehow :shock:
  2. You can order them through Cabela's walker brand with a blacks style release built right in
  3. Trout and Salmon always had trouble spawning , because of a vitman B deficiency The Alwifes didn't have enough of it. Now that they are chowing down on gobies will the successful spawn rate go up?
  4. If I was going out of Treiman tommarow I would go stright out off the drop and set up. Riggers down 25 to 30 with a small stinger on a 20' lead and a free slider above that with a second stinger. You could run a rap off the small dipsie. I would go as far north as the yacht club and swing into 60 to 80' of water and head south. That west side of the lake the current flows along the shore to the drop then hits the current out of the three rivers and goes along the east shore. I run about 2.5 to 3mph. Landlocks like something orange.
  5. Ya had me worried Ray I thought you still had that stomach bug :shock:
  6. I enjoy it , you learn alot and get to meet some some of the best fisherman on the lake. And some interesting characters!! like team REBEL BE ON time each morning and have the pens and watch that you need for the paperwork. The capt. will find you a place to sit thats out of the way. Ask questions and enjoy yourself.. You are repesenting your team, so try to do your best.
  7. I vote for the wire the landlocks like it. The braid it something to think about too. The fleas get on it but its nicer to work with than the mono.
  8. Last year the ramp closest to the lake had silted in pretty bad. The two ramps at the floating dock and the ramp farthest from the lake were fine. I have a 21' boat and that first ramp wasn't deep enough to get out on.
  9. Its a mag 10, great units and they sell for upwards of $150 on E-bay. They arn't as fast as the newer ones but are a workhorse.
  10. The lighter line will give the spoons great action with the lighter snaps. Flashers and flies it might be to light. I run 15 to 17 on the spoon rods and 20 on the other.
  11. Ray hope you feel better. That stomach bug kicked my butt!!! Waited for that little alien to climb out, but in my case he wouldn't have been so little
  12. Fish Doctor copperstick !!!! Its a 7' er that realy shows the action of the lure.
  13. Don't go cheap with the ant. The better ant. are worth the money when you want to talk to boats arn't to close. Mount it as high as you can, and I wouldn't get the short ant.
  14. Did the same thing with a strip of cutbait when things were slow and added a couple of fish to the box one day
  15. Little Cleo did that with spoons years ago Ray
  16. Man I thought my life was boring :shock:
  17. Gamagatisu or how ever you spell it :roll: They have been the best for us. We only use the back two and leave the front one off on the Renoski sticks.
  18. I need the 3x long To wear when I am the obsever in the Pro-Ams.
  19. My lowrance does the same thing at the south end of cayuga. When I am coming down the channel from Treiman the plotter shows me over in the Golf coarse. Something is reflecting the signal or interfering with it in that area. Although Golf is my favorite sport, because it keeps all those guys off the lake when I want to fish. :roll: Its the last spot you will find me!!
  20. I do most of the cooking at our house out of self defense!!!!
  21. Heard of a guy getting spanked for having an unregestered trailer at the launch at Taughannock Pt. Just something to remember
  22. Stopped at Treiman today to eat lunch (hide) for a few min. While I was parked near the entrance for the marina a Bale Eagle flew up the cannel with a 16 to 18" salmon in its mits. I thought that was great to see one that close and in our neck of the woods. Why in heck he wanted to hang our in Ithaca is beyond me
  23. Could be a paw-paw too. Go to e-bay and the vintage lure listings. They have everything their.
  24. Sure that sword wasn't a realy big fillet knife??
  25. Raider and Finlander had booths there. I worked at the ELOSTA booth for a while today. Those were the only trolling booths that I saw that for the rec. fisherman not charters.
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