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  1. Think I saw you coming through Cortland the other day .
  2. SOG and Surface speed are not the same. Surface currents will add or subtract from the "speed over ground"
  3. Used to get the rigger cables tangled once in a while fishing off of 9 mile in the currents. Figured out that when we loaded the rods with the release at the back of the weight , we were steering the weight . With our narrow boat that wasn't a good thing. That stopped when we moved the release above the weight.
  4. You don't want the release below the probe. I have blacks release, probe, breakawaycable than weight I don't want the rigger pole line interfearing with the probe tracking or rubbing on it.
  5. Was at the ELOSTA meeting last night and one of the Captians said he hooked onto one of the winter bouys from the 9Mile plant. He said it was outside of the normal bouy line in the fifties foot of water submurged. He almost got ahold of it to remove it. Hooking onto it with a riggercable wouldn't be a good thing. Thats a poular streach to troll in late Aug, I hope its removed by then.
  6. Waiting in line all the way around the corner to launch at the Mexico Point state launch hoping the lot wasn't filled up so you had to unhitch the trailer and park in the single car spots. Miss the Grady and money prize that the old ELSO had.
  7. lot of snubbing going on. I have a smaller boat and I like a snubber for the headshaking just before the netting, while trying to get around the riggers and such. Just my opinion.
  8. X2 180' of wire on a #3 setting puts you at 60' If the wire was going out faster than the boat was going , fish.
  9. Oh Kings will hit them, but most of them arn't made to take to many king hits.
  10. Must have been close to ya. Not to many boats out. Wound up with 3. one over 24, and I was alone so couldn't weigh it in. Spoons for me 2 off the 65' rigger and one on the dipsie 200 out on a #3 . Flat lake and lots of junk floating around , sticks , logs , weeds
  11. Take a blacklight and go through your lure box. Lots of tape change color when hit with the UV. Some tape lights up with the UV , Others reflect it. I found the light blue mirage uv tape reflects all light more than a chrome flasher in my " Man cave" . It will reflect all the way the length of the basement. where the chrome won't.. Two tapes the same color tape to my eyes will look completely differant when hit with the uv. You can get a uv flashlight at lowe's or walmart. 7 to 10 bucks
  12. I can't belive there is a charter boat that dosen't use one.. Its the first rigger in on my boat. I don't know where you fish , but even in the fingerlakes there is current and temp breaks.. The speed at the lure is what is important.
  13. I have two 5 hp , One is a neptune with no reverse you had to turn the motor 180. twin cyd, lots of brass. the other is a old Johnson, same vintage as the neptune. I would love to know what they are worth also
  14. Good Meeting !! I am gonna have to try making my own flashers this winter. Great ideas.
  15. The blacks have a flatline release that might work too.
  16. I try to answer the radio check call . Mostly because it not only helps them, but "checks" mine too.
  17. Glad to help out !! I got a couple lighter ones for leadcore.
  18. Yes the driveshaft for the outdrive goes through it. I would do all three the shift, the exaust, and the main . Grease the u-joints, and splines and check the alinement of the out drive to the engine too.
  19. The Cortland Line store at exit 11 is closing the 13th Sat. They have Diamondback musky rods ,a bunch of actions and lenght for $29 bucks.
  20. The Cortland Line store at exit 11 is closing the 13th Sat. They have Diamondback musky rods ,a bunch of actions and lenght for $29 bucks.
  21. http://www.vk-products.fi/ · Nice landlocket Salmon, taken from surface with VK-Baitholder. Lake Saimaa Ristiina Finland VK-Trolling.com
  22. Watched vidios about salmon fishing in the Baltic for Alantics. its a common thing there. VK flashers and spoons. is their style.
  23. Ran when I put it in the barn, I turn over the motor, but didn't try to start it.,
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