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  1. Never heard of this. I have twin Alpha1s. Thanks for passing along. Still have the shift bellows to change.
  2. For what it's worth, I just talked to TowBoat/US Rochester and they have a boat in Sodus Point this year.
  3. Do any local (near Rochester) tackle stores sell Clipper Releases? I know I can get them online.
  4. Thinking about launching my 14 footer into the West River from the launch south of Middlesex on 245. How far can you navigate toward the lake? ,,,, all the way? What kind of fishing is available there in the summer?
  5. Not sure if we saw you during the same time out of P’Ville in the same depths. Kinda bumpy early. We got a couple big ones and lost a few. Thanks for your report.
  6. Managed a couple biggies this morning. Lost a few others and put back some skippies. Fish came in 400-600 fow, down 60-115’. Meat and dodger/fly combos best. Kinda slow but fun. Temp break was at 70’.
  7. Fished out of P’Ville 7:00-11:30 today. Fish seemed scattered. Took a couple small kings 95/190. At 250’, had a king take a meat rig on a dipsey out 250’. That fish ran out to 702’ of wire and the spool was getting close. Over the next 20 minutes, I got it back to 65’, still straight down …,,, then “boing” it was gone. Never saw it. About 11:00, had a laker on a F/F out 300’ on a dipsey. Fish came off about halfway to the boat. Saw very little bait.
  8. Fished 7-11. 110-140 fow. Temp was 90’. All fish taken ~95’ down. 2 lakers, 2 kings, 1 little brown, and a big rat’s nest ( no pic of rat ‘s nest)
  9. 7/4. Fished 6-11:15. Temp had gone deep mid week but was back up to 60 ft. this morning. First 3 fish were a LT, an Atl, and a shaker king, all in about 115 fow. All released. Later on took an 18# king on a diver with meat out 180 over 100. While landing that fish, had two other good fish on off riggers. Both fish broke the leaders at the swivel. (Probably nicked line and the captain getting lazy about checking). Best depth 80-100 ft.
  10. Went 6/8 on kings by noon (6 rods). Range of sizes. 80-140 fow, 40-60 down. Very cold below 50’.
  11. Is it under warranty? I had one fail a couple of months ago and they just sent me one. Sorry, mine was a mechanical counter.
  12. Tired of cranking in a 450' copper and going to try something different. I'm planning on letting out a 300' copper then attaching a "Cuda" Torpedo diver to the braid backing. Then will let it out an additional amount hoping to achieve the depth of a 450' copper. Anyone have experience with this?
  13. I have 4 Scotty riggers on my boat that are approx. 12 yes. old. A couple weeks ago, one of the counters failed. I called Scotty in Canada. They asked if they were registered, and they are. Told the guy that a counter failed. He said “Well 12 yrs. pretty good for a counter. I’ll get one out to you right away but it’ll take a couple weeks because you’re down in the "States”. Yesterday I got a package with 2 counter assemblies. Can’t beat that!
  14. We fished the same timeframe out of P’Ville with similar results. Lots of marks 80 and 100 over 120-140. Missed a couple good shots on the dipseys out 250 but no big kings landed. Too a couple 12-15# lakers, a 5# brown and a skippy king. Sun was a scorcher!
  15. Nice job, John. I fished solo yesterday morning. Had 6 hits but couldn’t hold on to them. Had a real screamer on a dipsey out 250 over 165 but lost him as I tried to slow the boat. Landed one laker. Fleas worse inside 150.
  16. Motored from P’Ville to Ginna this morning. Found fish and bait in 120-140ft, down about 100 where the temp started to break. Took an 18# king and a 20# laker on 450’ copper with meat. Took another 15# king on a dipsey with dodger/fly out 295’. Quit at noon.
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