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  1. I would go west. Wilson /Olcott area in the spring. I fished the Oswego area for years in the spring...to many blow offf days.
  2. Shouldn't you be working on the boat...LOL Call you later
  3. This just stinks How am I going to smuggle in my Back Bacon and Labatts
  4. Working on stuff so submarines don't get lost. Driving my son back and forth and all around wrestling. Tending to the house and the chickens.
  5. Try this http://www.oswego.edu/webcam/control.ht ... rol+Webcam
  6. I have a question about how people determine what depth there riggers are running. If you put the probe down and and find the break at say 60 ft.(probe readout)at this point your graph shows the ball to be at 55 ft. If you want to set another rigger at exactly the same depth do you 1) Set by cable counter 2) set by graph John
  7. I think this at least a week earlier than last year
  8. Early in the season troll them on flyrods, sinking line with a 40 ft leader. Proven deadly in maine for many years.
  9. Lightly used, pic upon request 65.00 shipped in U.S.
  10. I have a low profile for sale. Send me a PM tommorow
  11. I am not liking the looks of this increase. Nearly 100% increase in NR fishing Unfortunatly this may limit serverly(if not totally) the trips I make to ny this year.
  12. Damn he probally lost both the flasher and the fly. Wonder if he was running a slider too?
  13. Better watch out it could be a "Arnold voice" Tumour
  14. You need to have some flex between the windshield and dash. If you don't you will eventually pull the screws out of the wood.
  15. Time to stock up the box for cheap moni. All lots are 20.00 shipped or B.R.O. Pirate Trolling Spoons Old School Northport Nailers Very Evil Eyes Lots 13,14,15 pending payment
  16. I have a 12 inch Berts track and downrigger pedastal for sale. Both gold andonized. 50.00 plus shipping. John
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