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  1. Chad, I've caught quite a few Tigers with that hump. Asked a DEC officer about it and he said it's normal during spawning. I don't know if it's true, I never opened one up to look for eggs. Strictly C & R. Also, DEC reports that Tigers are a hybred and don't spawn, but in the same breath they say about 1% of them do spawn, but the numbers are considered insignificant.
  2. "I don't usually get hungry, but when I do I eat turkey" "Stay hungry my friends" *pun of Dos Aquis*
  3. Happy Birthday Andy. Bill4 is right, they sure do.
  4. Thank guys. Just getting b/day wishes from you has made my day. The friends I've met, some personally & some just thru threads here are some of the best I've ever had. Your comments over the past year have given me a lot to smile about and the pic & reports you've shared are some of the best. We're very fortunate to live in an area where we can enjoy world class fishing that others can only dream of doing. The folks here and at the various tourneys I've been in are all first class and I'm proud to call you my friends. Thanks again, it's been a great day.
  5. I thought I"d never say this to a guy, but "nice rack"
  6. DANG, I thought I felt the earth shake. Happy Birthday Dave
  7. Here's yer Video to watch with yer new date: and after she's really impressed: Watch in full screen
  8. Happy Birthday ya ol redneck Pete Hope ya have a fun day.
  9. I know, She's the one you said smiled at you.
  10. Snapped a pic of Pete on his way to the Sat. nite Grange dance this past weekend. I think he's fit in just fine as a redneck.
  11. Should I print it out n frame it?? [ Post made via Android ] Yeah, but be sure to put it where the sun don't shine
  12. Did they invent gunpowder yet? Lil like callin the kettle black I'm thinkin Careful there Hank, you ain't far behind
  13. Did they invent gunpowder yet?
  14. Yer welcome, I really liked that one too.
  15. Invite yer girlfriend/sister to dinner. It's what's for dinner tonight. With onions & catsup of course & if'n ya really wanna dress it up, add a slice a tomato to the samich Brought to you by "Take A Tip From Bob"
  16. He's been there before so he's no stranger to the folks (or antics) up there.
  17. Meet ya at Wrench Wranch next Spring Pete & bring seasquirrel with ya. Guaranteed you guys will fit in: http://www.freewebs.com/pennybluegrass/ ... lphoto.htm
  18. I hope ya don't have to pedal uphill all the way That's for the Blue comment
  19. Don't wear clean underwear in case ya get in an accident
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