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  1. ok, now what do u do if u get fish on the stacker (a big one)??? just wonderning. p.s. maybe buy new diver? john
  2. boatino try finding a short 10 gage outdoor extension cord, you will have both male and female connectors. may not be marine grade, but it will work as good. thats what i use. john
  3. bill i agree with you. as i am from PA i cant use my handgun permit in NY. that is the reason to carry a un loaded shotgun. just in case it needs loading.LOL hope that never happens. john
  4. really dont want in this issue, but... I was giving up on my fishhawk when they came out with the new probe X-4 and hearing other guys saying it worked I got one. it is night and day over the old probe. it made me stay with it. I have a walker with down ttemp if any one needs that type. john
  5. I was inspected by the USCG a couble of years ago and the petty officer in charge asked me if I had any weapons aboard, I told him there was a shot gun in the cuddy cabin, he tole me " do not go in there, this is for your safty and ours) a young CG sailor got on my boat and asked me where it was and I told him. the gun was unloaded, he checked it out and that was the end of the gun issue. asked where my shells were and I told him, no problem. oswego harbor area. john. P>S> god bless the USCG and all who serve.
  6. musky, we realize its been a long winter, however????? john
  7. unless hunting ducks like was said its not legal to load your gun on a boat. at least that is what the head warden told me when i asked him if i could shoot (target with shot gun) out on the lake. his answer was that it was illegal to load your gun, but you are allowed to carry one on the boat. john
  8. my only advice is make sure u get a 4 stroke. john
  9. dont know about the new models. , but 2 years ago replacement probs cost 400 (four) dollars. the safety (LOL) harness was a joke. my friend had his for about three hours. 2/.3 ft waves but no reason to break off and be gone. dont believe they were very true (depth etc) anyway, but just my opinion. john
  10. wish u guys would let them fish alone until it gets warm..LOL nice going, glad u had a good trip.. john
  11. will stay with atomic, he sponsers a lot and is involved all the events i know of. good person to deal with IMO> john
  12. 711 I may be wrong, but i think if you run your motor with-out being connected to a battery you will blow you alternator. I know if will run without a bat. john
  13. the price tells me this is a real good chance for a scam. where is the boat, in africa. john
  14. ray, I hope mine help, she is surely in them. john
  15. sorry forgot to add, you are speaking for me LM and thank you. I am as common as you can get. John
  16. 3000.00 just for starters for two slips, plus etc,etc,etc some boys are not too informed. john
  17. looks like another fun year on red dock. LOL and it cant get here fast enough. john
  18. hank, thanks for the info. i have a couple of 192khz but want to run another lcx 18 on 200 and the 350 on 50. dont know why?? will prob see jack tomorrow so will tell him hello for u. hope your having a great christmas. tks again, john
  19. ok pete, what did i win. its christmas and as much as i can remember i still am lucky/unlucky????? to be the oldest. LOL merry christmas (4 months to go) john
  20. merry christman and a blessed new year to all. john
  21. tks for the info splitshot, but only looking for 50khz, that one does not tell me that.
  22. looking for a 50 khz transducer for a lowrance 350A. merry christmas to all john
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