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  1. same to you jim and all the red/green dockers. the nj deer are delicious. give janet a hug for lucy and i. john
  2. i have owned a 1995 9.9 yama ht remote and now have one i bought in 07, they advertised 10 amp alt for the 9.9. never saw anything less in their ads. 6 amp were on the 8 hp. john
  3. just dont get it on some plastics, rohmer releases fall apart when sprayed with wd40. john
  4. happy birthday bob, hope to see u in oswego john
  5. after using the boat all season with never getting above 1/2 tank (86 gal tank) from 28 apr to 15 oct. i pulled the last 13 gal from the tank.. no water, vent open all season. the gas i used was all 87 octane from local oswego gas stations, except the first 40 gal from pa. john
  6. trophys and bayliners are two different boats from the same company, just the same as most companies making diff boats. john
  7. like i said before, the pickup tube in the tank has a filter on it and the rubber tube that goes from the pickup tube to the filter/water sep can have probs. been there. john
  8. check the inline filter on the tube in the fuel tank. there may be a screen on the bottom of the tube or inserted on top of the tube under the fitting that screws into the tank. also check the rubber tube from the tank to the fuel filter, it may be partley blocked. john
  9. oh well, i had a big weenie but i hit bottom too many times and i lost it, but i guess i wasnt smart enough to quit hitting bottom, maybe just old ? john i did have 2
  10. ray right on, dont know why we have to worry about people who dont understand anything but there own agenda. PS i dont really worry about them!!!! john
  11. i had a chevy truck that used 16.5 tires, i think it was a 1978 8400 gwr. john
  12. the people who never served really know how stupid those who did really are. never had a bad chat with the law." If i wasnt doing anything wrong." thanks for great thoughts pete. john
  13. happy birthday chad and tks for your rapid help when needed. john
  14. i sure am ray posted, maybe with the info repeated i might remember what he said. john
  15. NY does prorate trailers. I'm from PA but regerster (SP) in NY and save money waiting until apr. john
  16. is that sylvan an alum boat. if so something is really out of wack. even if fiberglass you should not have that prob. check the angle you are pulling. unless u have nonslip on your bunks that should not happen. john
  17. ok, now i am getting more confused. I used to use the figure 8 and rubber band, on all my excess wiring, then i read that i should coil it, antenna wire, trans wire etc. so should i change my excess wiring back to figure 8. please explain. thanks, john
  18. pete, looks good. now if the tall guys can keep them out of their ears. your pretty tall pete. LOL john
  19. I also have a 23' trophy hardtop (2359) and am on my second 9.9 yama HT motor. the only reason i am on my second one is that i had the first one for 12 years and just thought i should get a new one. the guy isold the old one to used it chartering, get a 4 stroke, just for the quietness, use a portable tank if you have to. p.s. and reliabilty. john
  20. did anybody notice that all the fishermen and fisher ladies were from red dock "odd numbered" docks. does that seem odd to anyone besides me. or, am i the only one that thinks odd because purple tole me i was older (maybe odder), oops, there was one guy (fisherperson) from green --odd dock. john
  21. if its like my trophy you have stress cracks and i believe it gel cote. john
  22. the red dock fisher men (??) met at nj jim's on sat. quite a good time and only one (at least til i left) really showed what the season is going to be like. u know who that was. exceeded all expectations. LOL john
  23. tks glen, i was wondering when i should start decorateing.. i'll start tomorrow morning. don't want to miss that. john
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