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  1. Also the event was top notch! Great people, Great Atmosphere. Team KINGFISH
  2. It was a tough bite, we were grinding it out all week. The good water kept moving around and then disappeared on game day. Team effort and sticking to a game plan paid off. We did not think only 3 fish would win, but we will take it Congratulations to all the other teams that placed.
  3. Those last 8 days seemed to take forever. It is finally sinking in that we won. Congrats to all who placed. Cant wait till next year. Team KingFish
  4. I sure hope it holds . Just proud to have made it on the board. quote="Landshark"]I hope its a familiar face from LOU [ Post made via Android ]
  5. Pair of big jon quad rod holders, $350 and split shipping or best offer, thanks
  6. Hello, I use Paul PLaners and have nothing but good things to say. The technique I use greatly increased the ease of use and tracking seemed to get better. Use a braid 150lb test, attached to a 6-7' older ocean rod, with an older reel that is laying around. Let the board out and throw the rod in a holder attached to bowrail around the helm. This flex of the rod, and increased seperation help me run up to 4 jets or plugs on each side. I also run leadcore off of them without any problems. When you start to collect some clips, grab the ROD and reel it in. Being able to manuever the mast/rod helps when clips might get flipped or tangled. Have not attached mast past two years and run charters with these boards.
  7. rick, your family is in our prayers. Hope everything turns out well.
  8. Somebody got a deal and a super nice boat!!! Is it going to stay on erie?
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