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  1. John, Looks like you broke her in just fine today! Was this the maiden trip? Have not seen you post yet this spring...
  2. Thanks guys... likewise, it was nice to meet everyone and put names with faces as well! Larry, it was great having Steve onboard as an observer too, he's a good person and it was very nice knowing that we did not have to worry about him in the conditions on Saturday. As for Pat, he enjoyed himself onboard despite the rest of your shady crew!!!
  3. This past winter I got a call from Mark Lewis about getting a team together for the Orleans Pro-Am. It made sense that it would be Mark, his brother Mike, myself and Gary Cappon as we all grew up as dockrats on the Oak working for MANY of the captains back in the 80's as well as fishing with our families. We also added our good friend Rob Martin to the mix as he has been fishing with all of us for the past 10 years. All of us have periodically fished as team members in the Niagara Pro-am and Scotty with a number of the Oak captains but finally decided to compete on our own. So, here's the low down on the weekend and hopefully so useful information: Thursday/Friday Prefish- invovled a lot of moving around to find and pinpoint the best water within reason from port. It quickly was obvious that we had a solid steelhead bite with a few mature kings mixed in around Shadagee from the 24-27 north lines with 25-26 being the likely target area. The steelhead were jumbo size mostly in the 8-12lb class, with one about 15 on Friday. Stinger NBK's seemed to be the goto spoon and that would continue thru the weekend no matter where we put them, they produced. Saturday- Mother nature greated us with a suckerpunch in the morning... a bit of an unexpected ENE wind blowing, little did we know it would build into solid 3-5's with some 6's in the mix, but it wouldn't matter, we setup in our target area with 2 five color and 2 ten color cores, 2 divers and 2 riggers and the chaos began. The bite was higher than we had experienced the previous two days, the ten color cores were replaced with 3 colors. We boxed out at 10am which included 3 good kings up to 20 lbs and 6 steelhead up to 11 lbs. One king was on a 5 color core, the other two on sliders on the riggers set at 30 and 40', so even the kings were very high in the water column working over small bait pods around 20-25' down. Steelhead were ripping the cores and a 50' diver. We weighed in early and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the dock VERY happy not to battling mother nature. The box weighed in at 95+lbs for a first day total of 215+pts and good enough for First Place. Needless to say we were psyched but wondering what the NE blow was going to do to our water.... Sunday- We left the pierhead knowing that MANY more boats would be heading west into our water and beyond, but after the blow we figured we'd need to be mobile and willing to find new water. After working over our water for a few hours, we could not find a steelhead bite and had one good king, a skippy and a nice 12lb atlantic in the box, we went searching for greener pastures. The bite never really materialized for us in different water, so around noon, with 5 point fish in the box, we worked back to our own water and rods started moving again. We would end up putting three more fish in the box in the last hour including another 16lb king and a decent steelhead. We boxed the king around 12:55 and worked back thru the waypoints but nothing else tripped. Though the last hour was great we will remember the steelhead that twisted a split ring off the spoon, dumping a pair of good kings and throwing back 2 more skippies (7 thrown back for the day) that were just under size. So, we had a good feeling but knew we needed at least two more fish to be in winning contention. Our box was just under 60 lbs giving us around 140pts for the day and a two day total of about 355 pts and good enough for a bittersweet third place finish. All of us had a great time fishing together again and all I can say is watch out next year!!! Thanks to everyone involved in the tournament and congrats to Team Screamer and the boxes they put together both days to win it as well as Bob Cinelli on Hotline for coming close to two in a row!
  4. Saturday and Sunday June 12,13 at Oak Orchard are the dates. The team captain is Mark Lewis on the Devonian based at Lake Breeze Marina. Please PM me or respond to this post and we discuss arrangements on behalf of the team. Thanks!
  5. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: UpGrady ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 5/21 Time on Water: 6:30-10:30am Weather/Temp: 50's Wind Speed/Direction: Calm-NE Waves: Flat Surface Temp: 43-49 Location: IBay LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 3 Total Boated: 1 Species Breakdown: laker Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: 2.5-3.0 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 90-'-400' Lure Depth: all over ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Overall a very humbling morning on the Big-O... no real good marks, no true temp breaks, overall a whole lot a dead water from 100-400'. Grabbed on laker in 135 fow off the leadcore and two other rips on the 60' rigger slider that did not hook up in about 250 fow. Threw everything at them that had been working for me during the LOC plus some old tricks and not much to show for it.... Other IBay guys... I now feel your pain... temp profile was pretty normal in the lake for this time of the year, but the fishing looks more like the June doldrums.... I can say that there was a very distinct water color change in about 90 fow on the way in that may hold some promise for the weekend. Good luck to all who make it out! Still much better than working this morning!!!
  6. The obvious thing this year is that the average 3 year old fish is much larger than previous years, so there will be many more 30 lbers than we have been used to and likely 40ish lbers will be seen for Fall derbies. In order to see a fish approaching 50lbs it is likely a rogue older fish... the fish we are mainly seeing right now are larger than normal 3 year old age class fish, therefore, it is more likely to see a 50 lber next year or the following year as a rogue holdover of this years larger than normal fish. However, we have not seen this happen any previous year, so the odds are stacked against it.
  7. My brother was ina similar situation on his saltwater forum a few years ago when he posted photos of his first sailfish. He endured an endless barage of e-mails and postings against him taking a protected species out of the water for photos etc... when all is said and done, most of us would have done this very same thing, myself included, but we all need to be cognizant that if a DEC boat was next to you... you run the risk of ticket or more by the letter of the law.
  8. Chris, E to NE are what create the worst upwellings, starts in the western basin and propogates eastward. This is what happened late last week. Saturday the wind turned hard westerly, so the warmer water began stacking back to normal and continued on Sunday. So, Friday was the real ice water onshore and the true need to move out beyond the cold water, but even on Sunday with the warmer water back, the offshore water was still going to be your most "Stable area" throughout the onshore changes. I imagine that the same scenerio from late last week is paying out again on Monday and today. The conditions should stabilize again late in the week with the forecasts I am seeing... although we might see some more easterlies for the weekend dependent upon where these fronts end up sitting.
  9. Respectfully, I understand the limitations of smaller boats as well as time constraints, but after an upwelling with ice water nearshore, your best bet is to go to the more stable offshore water. At a minimum, you should motor out until the water begins to warm again which likely will be at least 8 miles offshore from the Rochester/IBay area. More than likely you will end up a few miles north of this point, but the action will likely be well worth the effort. I was not out this weekend, but Sunday was probably the transition day, where there temperature inversion was disappearing and returning to normal after westerly winds on Saturday. Fishing becomes tough on those days, but the offshore water is still the most stable thru this time period and would have been the area to target once again. There have been decent fish in the area all spring and they should have been in the 100-150 fow zone, but the conditions likely moved them much further north this past weekend.
  10. I'm sure the kings, cohos and steelies were there, you just had to make it outside the fog bank and cold inshore water. The numbers weren't great during the derby but there were some nice fish to be had.
  11. 9th place Steelhead off I-Bay. Silver glow green on full leadcore in 150 fow. One of these years it will actually be my name on a derby fish.... What a group of monster fish that were caught this year in the west end.... just awesome.... great job to everyone!
  12. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: UpGrady ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 5/7 Time on Water: 6am-1pm Weather/Temp: 40-50 Wind Speed/Direction: variable to NNE at 10 Waves: calm to 1' Surface Temp: 44-47 Location: Forest Lawn LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 7 Total Boated: 4 Species Breakdown: 2 Coho, 2 King Hot Lure: Everything took a bite Trolling Speed: 2.5 Down Speed: 2.5 Boat Depth: 90-220' Lure Depth: surface to 100' ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== We spent most of our time and all but one bite came between 110 and 130 fow. Every setup took a bite. We had a steady pick until 9am when the wind died and so went the fishing. The NNE started up about 11am and the fishing never improved, but we went 4 for 5 up until 9am. Both kings were 16 and 18lbs and the 2 coho, plus we dumped another decent king. Wire divers with green spinnies/hammer flies at 150 and 220 had kings, 50' rigger took a king with 42 second spoon, 60' rigger and leadcore each took coho. Dumped a Steelhead off the surface. Things will be very different tommorrow, but the screen was not looking too bad in that water this morning, but we were not able to catch up with them again afterthe morning bite. Good luck to anyone making it the remainder of the weekend.
  13. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: UpGrady ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 5/1 and 5/2 Time on Water: 6-11am both days Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: None Waves: calm Surface Temp: 43-46 degrees Location: IBay LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 5 Total Boated: 3 Species Breakdown: 2 Kings, 1 Steelie Hot Lure: NK28 Black Gold, Pirate55 Silver Glow green Trolling Speed: 2.5 Down Speed: 2.5 Boat Depth: 100-200' Lure Depth: 50-70' ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Generally fished 130-180 fow both Sat and Sun morning. Not much on the screen but a few random kings in the area. Dropped one on a 60' rigger on Saturday and got one about 15lbs on wire at 150' with green spinnie/hammer fly. Sunday had 2 leadcore bites, dropped one and got one, the one we got was 10lb 8oz steelie.... so we made the board under Jason Herbst, hopefully we'll hang on for a daily today... we also boated a 15lb king on the 60' rigger as well (Jason's 12 year old boy's first King). The numbers are not there, but it should get better as the week wears on off Rochester. No coho around or Steelies on the surface either, kind of disappointing... BTW- what's up with no private boat names again. Can LOC make a decision and stick with it?
  14. Anthony, Definitely a nice Atlantic! Good to see you again this afternoon. We'll catch up with the spoons one of these weekends. I probably will not be around this weekend, might be fishing at the Oak with a buddy on saturday.
  15. Oh yeah! Definitely Atlantics... and a pair in a day... lucky to get one per year that size... very nice!!!
  16. Anthony, The photo will not enlarge for me... are the silver blanks dimpled or smooth?
  17. Every year is different but the schools migrate north as the water warms up the coast, so an early tuna bite is off the Carolinas in May/June, Virginia to Jersey Shore in July and then August/September the best tuna bite is off Montauk to the Cape. Very generic, but I fished Tuna for a few years in August off Montauk, one old captain from the Oak is running out of Oregon Inlet,NC and my brother lives in Charleston, SC so this is where my statements come from.
  18. Thanks guys, not certain of all the specifics other than its a V8 and he has a shifting issue that needs to be addressed. I've gotten a name for him, so I think he should be all set.
  19. A buddy of mine is looking for a Volvo Penta mechanic to work on his outdrive, preferably within the Rochester area. Are there any Private mechanics out there that anyone is aware of?
  20. Keep it really simple... wet the fillets with water and roll in italian bread crumbs, bake in oven at 350 for 8-10 minutes max... spray baking sheet with pam first to limit sticking... healthy and tasty!
  21. BTW- Seaquirrel... yeah, I completely misinterpreted your post as sarcasim... no problem... thanks for clarifying!
  22. It looks to me that the scotty stop beads are plastic that snap closed around the cable and are fairly large in diameter. So, from the perspective of looking at them on the computer, I guess I don't see why one of them will not work on its own to trip the newer autostop in the Big Jon pulley.
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