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  1. I have an older Searay Amberjack and it has teak swim deck inserts, gunnels, and cabin teak. I love the look of teak, but I cant think of a more frustrating wood to have exposed to the elements the way our botas are. It looks horrible if left unkept and absolutely beautiful sanded and finished properly. I sanded all mine down and used Sikkens Cetol finish on mine. 3 coats and scuff sanded in between coats. Cant tell you how many cold ones this process took. I get one season out of it looking good. It starts to flake after two seasons and now I need to do it again. I am considering replacing it with starboard next time around. I get my Sikkens from Jamestown Distributors. Power washing teak really brings the color back to prior to finishing and sanding. Be very careful because you can blow out the wood grain and make it very rough.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE DIRTY!!!!!!!! I dont even want to know how you will celebrate your birthday or what farm animal will be involved!!
  3. Stern drive specialists hauled mine. Located in constantia on Oneida lake. Good guy to work with and reasonable
  4. Happy Birthday Bud! Hope you had a great day. But you one on the dock this spring.
  5. http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/us ... d+1%2F4%22
  6. very nice Rick. What software are you using to edit with your gopro?
  7. Not much of a report but we went up Friday night. After almost getting my truck stuck on the beach, we laid our plans. Sat. a.m was real slow. Hardly any wind, snowed all day with very few birds flying but they wanted nothing to do with our spread. changed it up multiple times with no change. Biggest problem was the dekes had snow on them in less than ten minutes and needed constant dusting off. Slowest day I spent in the blind in a long time. We only got two geese and one redhead. Sunday's forcast had us real excited. Northwest blow is our favorite wind for divers. Got up super early to set up the BIG shoreline spread. Ran in to a early morning problem when I got the report my buddys duck boat was in waist deep water filled with water up to the gunnels and taking on waves. Therefore, our resources got divided and we ended up with a minimal spread. 20 divers and half a dozen blacks. Didnt have time to double weight the single dekes which was needed due to the waves. It was windy and nasty. PERFECT! We saw loads of redheads, goldeneyes, some broadbills, lots of blacks and a decent amount of mallards. Lots of geese also. We even saw a couple big flights of swans. Only three of us in the blind with real tough conditions but we had a blast and managed a couple redheads, and three mallards. My young son made the best shot of the day on a departing redhead. What a shot! We had to leave by 10 a.m but could have shot ducks all day. They were there and decoying pretty well. Had a great time. Hope to give it another try next weekend. I heard the best gunning of the year has been on Oneida lake. South end of Cayuga has been producing as well.
  8. How many murders occur via a kitchen knife? We need to register knives. Only registered weapons kill
  9. Yeah Brian, I been lurking and watching. LOL. I really dont have the answers but I do know that the majority of kids I see everyday are good kids. I teach in a small rural district which helps. However, every once in a while I have one that I could easily see doing something horrible. Some of these kids come to school with some serious baggage that we are not privy to. We usually find out later what their baggage is when they do something stupid. I still think the root of the majority of our problems with todays youth is the breakdown of the American household. I just cant believe tragedys like this happen. My heart and prayers go out to those families and the entire community.
  10. I am a teacher and I for one would love to "pack heat" on my person. Even more accessible. Always have at least one in my truck at all times. Those who know me wont be much suprised.
  11. nice job. Not an easy feat in the muzzleloading season.
  12. WhoooooooHoooooooooo! Let the good times roll!
  13. I'm sure if they increase the slip fees at Wrights Landing, it will be to support the top notch security and dock attendants. Maybe even purchase a can of spray to kill the centipedes in the bathhouse. (I must admit the centipedes are better entertainment than a magazine) Any increase in slip fees will = the red dock with one less SEARAY and sharkey, On The Lam, Home Office, Whiskey Man, Double JJ, Addiction, Bare naked George a.k.a Nix Besser, John and Lucy, Two rods, terry and terry, Spiderman, and lucky dog, and whoever else I forgot, looking for someone else to entertain them both day and night.
  14. Heck of a nice first buck. My county has since switched to rifles being allowed a few years back. I can say that the 12 gauge slugs dropped far more deer in there tracks than those we have shot with the rifles. Hard to compete with the knockdown power close up with the shotgun slugs.
  15. He sure worked hard on it, and yes, EXTREMELY proud of him for his blind building capabilities and his ability to put the smack down on his buck. I will post picks soon
  16. Pete, post a pic of the new mobile deer blind.
  17. nice job. What is on the end of your arrows for vanes??
  18. no power, and bored? Make some more youngins. lol
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