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  1. The two on the far right look like honey bee spoons.
  2. It is a start flyrod2...thanks for your help and dedication to our lakes!
  3. I have been wondering what the impact will be too! This year on Cayuga has been less productive than past years. Every time out, we have been getting lampreys on our downrigger weights...not a good sign!
  4. It is listed in the dreamweaver 2012 catalog. http://www.dreamweaverlures.com/images/2012Catalog.pdf
  5. Can you use a blacks release with a sub-troll? I wish I was a good enough fisherman to handicap myself with less expensive, less dependable gear!!! Yes, I run my subtroll with a blacks release.
  6. Launched from Long Point...fished both west and east sides and got 6 small lakers....saw bait and marks at 60 fow and could not get anything to go. We had two eels stuck to our downrigger weights today and both were at least 20+ inches! One sucked the rubber coating off the weight. These two eels were bigger than the any of the lakers! I hope the eels are not decimating the lake trout population as it seems there are alot around this year. Hope others had better luck today!
  7. Didn't get to fish this tournament....anyone have any details? Thanks.
  8. That's where I would go. I launch my 24' Thomson Hardtop there, so you should have no problem launching.
  9. Ray

    Hank - L&M

    For a minute there, I thought I was in Delaware County.
  10. Hey Pete...might want to check the weather forecast for tomorrow. Doesn't look good.
  11. Ray

    Hank - L&M

    There was just a post about B.O.A.T. today and my problem started last week. Have no fear though because Hank (L&M) took great care of my problem...leaky bellows. I contacted Hank. So, tonight I met Hank to pick up my boat...yes, that's right with a few short days I had new bellows. Hank is the man! He will take care of all of my future needs. Thanks again Hank! I really appreciate your service!!!
  12. Guess I didn't go south enough. Great job!
  13. Hope that eel dulled all his teeth!!!!! I hope so!
  14. RIC66...that is strange! Stinger...couldn't believe I did not get 1 hit on a spoon. Glad to you know you had the same.
  15. Launched out of Long Point. Got quite a few small lakers, but could not get anything over 5 pounds. Fished in 100 to 130 fow. Lots of good marks from 60 to bottom, but only attracted the small ones. No hits on spoons today. All came on flasher and fly. The paddles were white and green pulling Atomik hammer fly and Big Weenie Reel Hooked Up' fly. Fleas were not an issue, however, there were some huge floating weeds pods. At one point our dipsey found one and we had to bring all lines in and circle this weed bed like we were trying to land a monster fish. Managed to save everything. Phew.! The strangest thing I saw today was a lamprey attached to my fish-shaped downrigger weight. I was bringing the weight in from 80 feet down and once I saw the weight approaching the surface, thought I saw weeds until it broke the surface and saw the eel attached to weight. Yikes! Hate those things. If I did not see it it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it. It was quite long probably a good foot. Good luck out there!
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