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  1. I will buy them if still available, PM sent
  2. These pictures should show how I just push the 250 cc ATV into the back of my "Man-Van" as I jokingly call it which is a Grand Caravan C/V . Actually harder loading the deer up into the van and I have to tie the legs back to shut the tail gate. lol The last pic is of my deer from 2 years ago stuffed in there.
  3. Watched this guy slowly following and browsing with a big doe yesterday and thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest until he got 20 yards out and broadside giving me an easy shot with the crossbow. First big boy I have seen since Saturday when my season started. Now time for the big doe after a couple days of rest. Got him in 8G in Clarendon and will be getting a European mount done. Long time lurker and been enjoying everyone's reports and pictures. Lots of nice deer taken this year and congrats and good luck to all
  4. I called the Hamlin highway dept. yesterday and was told their excavator is being repaired and they need that to install the docks. He said it should be sometime this week when they put them in. Hope that turns out to be the truth and not because of some petty political bull...
  5. My personal best taken with a crossbow last week in Clarendon,NY. Meats in the freezer and head at the taxidermist
  6. Wire divers are the way to go for sure but you will also need some strong rod holders to put them in as the divers pull hard and put a lot of pressure on the holders they are in
  7. Check out the link to the thread below and look at the post I made with pictures of how my Panther bar is hooked up to my kicker. You need to get a bracket for your kicker that the steering bar will then connect too. I see you have the same to bolts on your kicker to attach the bracket you need to get. My kicker came with the bracket I'm talking so I'm not sure where you can buy one but Google is your friend there! Hope this helps http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/34921-steering-with-a-kickerhow/page-3
  8. Here is a couple baby pike with the same markings that I caught on the Genesee last year
  9. I Purchased the Elite 7 last summer as well with the 83/200 transducer and love it! Too see my downrigger balls while trolling I have to have the transducer tilted back otherwise the balls will blow back out of range of the ducer. Marking fish is just a matter of basically playing with the settings and the most important for me is to have the Frequency range set at 83 khz and the Auto Sensitivity to OFF . The noise rejection is set on high and surface clarity is set to low although I do adjust these at times to eliminate the noise(black dots) on the screen at times . From there while out fishing manually adjust the sensitivity up and you will be able to see those lakers on the bottom and all other fish in the water column with no problems while seeing your riggers balls! You just have to balance the sensitivity setting with the amount of noise you will pick up on the screen if you take it up too high. Hope this helps and good luck!
  10. I moved my same type of plug from the inside of the boat to the outside and it has worked fine that way for many years making it much easier to remove as needed
  11. I use a 2 part marine epoxy called Gluvit to seal up some loose\leaky rivets on the outside of a 17 ft Starcraft and it held up good all through last season and it was very easy fix.
  12. I have the 83/200 + 455/800 HDI and it has been working great! I dont use the DSI while trolling the lake but when in the shallows it does show you the bottom details very good where you can tell the trees\logs\weeds separate from the fish.
  13. I also have had the Elite 7 for a month now and it has been working great on Lake O with no troubles and was easy to get set-up the way I like it tracking the rigger balls along with marking the fish and bait just fine. I dont use many of the chart features though only using the trails and waypoints as thats all I need out there. When trolling over 200 fow and deeper the 2x and 4x zoom feature also works great to watch just the column of water I'm setting my riggers at.
  14. Make sure your vent cap on the gas can is open and also try squeezing the primer bulb on the fuel line after 10 minutes of run time and see if that helps it from stalling out on you.
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